Would You Eat a Dog-Shaped Ice Cream?

This Dog-Shaped Ice Cream is too Good to Eat

Nowadays, food artists and sculptors like Maggie Austin and Elena Glut are creating beautiful and realistic cakes in the shape of flowers, fairytale princesses, birds, and superheroes. Cake decoration has essentially become a culinary art. For the same reason, the Taiwanese café Sowing The Sweets is earning a lot of internet fame with its dog-shaped ice cream that’s adorable and traumatizing at the same time.

Redditor Penguin4466 shared pictures of these dog-shaped ice creams and they received a great response. Some are loving the idea, while others are criticizing. According to Penguin4466, the brown one is a typical chocolate ice cream and the yellow one is peanut-flavored ice cream. Detailing looks just flawless. However, probably they might be using molds to create such gorgeous forms.      

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From eyes to nose, nails, tail, and fur – everything is put together beautifully to look real. The lifelike ice cream dog looks so real that you can’t figure out if it is a frozen doggo or an ice cream until you cut it into pieces. Once it is a cute little pug made of ice cream, and next it melts or you chop off the head to taste it. 

Do you think you can have a bite? If not, you are a true animal lover, and probably should keep it in your refrigerator.

Would You Eat a Dog-Shaped Ice Cream?

Image: Reddit/Penguin4466

Would You Eat a Dog-Shaped Ice Cream?

Image: Sowing The Sweets

Would You Eat a Dog-Shaped Ice Cream?

Image: Sowing The Sweets

Would You Eat a Dog-Shaped Ice Cream?

Image: Sowing The Sweets            

Via: BuzzFeed/Reddit 

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