Caroline Eriksson Creates Gingerbread Groot for Christmas

Norwegian motion designer and food artist Caroline Eriksson has gone viral after she shared pictures of a life-sized Groot sculpture made out of gingerbread on social media platforms.

This is not the first time she is in the limelight, she has already made similar gingerbread creations including a Darth Vader and Hobbit-themed scene that have won many hearts.

She designs, bakes and creates amazing gingerbread sculptures every year on Christmas. It took her about five weeks to complete this Groot-themed gingerbread sculpture. The entire structure is built around a metal frame.

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She has innovatively used gingerbread to achieve a wooden look. The sculpture is highly detailed and even has creeping vines. She had created a gingerbread Xenomorph sculpture in 2018, you can check out her other creations on Instagram.

Image: Instagram @caroline.d.eriksson

Image: Instagram @caroline.d.eriksson

Image: Instagram @caroline.d.eriksson

Via: LaughingSquid

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