Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, we celebrate every occasion that allows us to be together and happy. The holiday season is, however, much more than just being together and distributing sweets. Holiday cheer starts with decorating homes and buying gifts. As a matter of fact, what good is your Christmas, if you don’t have a worthy treetop to glitter and shine on top of your Christmas tree?

We are weeks away from celebrating the birth of Christ and this is probably the right time to check for the best Christmas tree toppers. Below is the list of the 25 best Christmas tree toppers of 2023 you should plan on buying to add a finishing touch to your tree.

Snowman Star Christmas Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

Reflecting upon the classic holiday element, this smiling Christmas tree topper spreads bright light of warmth and happiness around. Made from eco-friendly plastic and having a broad stable spiral metal base, the lightweight star is a perfect Christmas tree top decoration and also stands tall on the table.

Buy: $20

Lighted Crown Tree Top

Image: Amazon

Let your holiday fervor take the Christmas décor to an embellished setup with the unique glowing crown tree topper. Loaded with 64 LED lights that add sparkling lights, this shiny decoration is convenient to use as it is battery-operated and remote-controlled.

Buy: $26

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

Complementing your traditional red Christmas theme, bring home this fun and festive Mickey Mouse topper. Made of plastic, the decoration is fairly easy to assemble. The tree topper adorns Santa Claus attire and comes with bendable arms to strike the perfect pose!

Buy: $46

Sequins Hat Christmas Tree Top

Image: Amazon

Set your Christmas tree with this luxurious sequin hat tree top to add in the holiday warmth. Framed using metal spring on the inside, the charming hat displays a huge bowknot adorned with handmade snowflakes, candy canes and artificial spruce.  

Buy: $30

Snow Monster Tree Top Ornament

Image: Amazon

Add a handmade chimpanzee/gorilla snow monster to your Christmas tree. Crafted out of white felt, this plush decoration item can be made to hang on or hold the tree with the support of built-in iron wires.

Buy: $10

Rotating Snowflake Projector

Image: Amazon

If you need something funky as a tree topper, here is one good choice. The 3D snowflake design comes with an LED projector lamp inside. The lamp adds sparkling light to your Christmas tree and produces gorgeous snowflake effects.

Buy: $33

Sliver Starburst Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

All that shines may not be silver but will surely add a radiant touch to your Christmas tree. This starburst tree topper is aesthetically pleasing and fits in easily with vintage, bohemian and modern tree styles.

Buy: $27

Bow With Tail

Image: Amazon

This has to be my personal favorite. The exquisite design of red and black plaid Buffalo will be a great addition to your treetop. The decorative bow has a 48-inch-long tail made of cotton lines that can be reused.

Buy: $13

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Clear Frosty Stained Glass Star

Image: Etsy/cityfreeglass

To add flair to your Christmas tree, try these tree toppers made of glue chip glass that look like a frosted wintry window.

Buy: $40

Star Wars Darth Vader Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

Add a touch of Star Wars to your Christmas tree this year with Darth Vader mounting on the top with his lightsaber. Made of plastic and battery-operated, this tree topper will indeed be a sci-fi addition to your Christmas decoration.

Buy: $50

Elf Legs Tree Topper

Image: Etsy/ATouchofHomebyKim

This pretty pair of elf legs is a great addition to your Christmas tree. Available in red, the elf topper adds a gracious touch to your Christmas party and creates a winter wonderland for your kids. Elf legs are accompanied by ornaments and ribbons.

Buy: $180

Swedish Gnome Tree topper

Image: Amazon

Carefully sewn with love, the Swedish Tomte features a red/grey hat that’s 25 inches tall and carries a furry beard. Perfect for your treetop, the gnome is cushy, making it super fun for Christmas parties.

Buy: $25

Santa’s Sleigh with Banner

Image: Amazon

It mainly contains two items. One is Santa Sleigh carrying a banner that says ‘Merry Christmas.’ Another item is an illuminated LED star that goes on the treetop. Available in multiple colors, the animated tree topper is made of plastic.

Buy: $48

White Wooden Christmas Star

Image: Etsy/Elizabeth

Made of reclaimed wood sourced from local barns, the wooden Christmas star is simple yet very intriguing. The local wood would bring the scent of the countryside to your apartment. A leather circle attached to the back of the star holds it in place atop the tree.

Buy: $42

Starfish Tree Topper

Image: Etsy/BeachandBeyondbyShan

I bet you won’t find anything more beautiful than this Starfish tree topper on the internet today. Sitting on a lightweight base covered with burlap, the starfish looks like a carbon copy of the Star of Bethlehem while the legs are a perfect replica of undulating rays.

Buy: $65

Wire Word Tree Topper

Image: Etsy/TheLetterLoftUK

Crafted with stainless steel wire and a personalized tag or family name, this wire word tree topper will make your tree stand apart from the rest. The wire is hand-bent, welded, and then painted from the top. You can choose from copper, silver, and gold, and lends a touch of bling to your Christmas tree.

Buy: $37

Multi-Color Capiz Star

Image: Amazon

Capiz Star’s multicolored lights will shine on top of your Christmas tree. The item contains ten multi-colored lights that will flicker throughout Christmas. The body of the Capiz star is made of a brass frame and standard wiring.

Buy: $39

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Felt Dove Tree Topper

Image: Etsy/Craftspring

When the world is going through turmoil, we need to find little happiness in life. Decorate your tree with this graceful dove bearing an olive branch in its mouth. Crafted from merino-blended wool, the tree topper is a symbol of peace and light.

Buy: $64

Hat with Bell Bow

Image: Amazon

Comprising a bow, ribbon, and hat, this treetop decoration is for the masses. Featuring a spring inside, the hat is compressed and foldable by nature. It is an essential treetop decoration that your kids will fall in love with.

Buy: $24

Star and Flower Tree LED Lights Top

Image: Amazon

Stars are the showstopper of your Christmas tree. This star-shaped tree topper has LED lights to illuminate your home with glittering lights.

Buy: $24

Snowman Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

What is a Christmas party without a snowman? This cute snowman tree topper has an iron wire in its arms so you can pose it the way you want. Moreover, you can squeeze it inside a small box when Christmas is over.

Buy: $24

3D-Printed Super Mario Star

Image: Etsy/MilkNastyDesigns

This 3D-printed Super Mario Star treetop décor reminds us of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ album released in 2000. Children and oldies at your home will surely like it. It is available in multiple colors and size options.

Buy: $14

Santa Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

Made of premium quality polyester, this cute, plush Santa hugging the tree is all you need to elevate your holiday decoration.

Buy: $26

Colorful Projector Angel Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

A Christmas tree adorned with the colorful LED lights of an angel can be a magnificent sight for your little daughter. Made of sturdy plastic, the angel tree topper has a rotating projector that projects beautiful patterns on the ceiling and walls.

Buy: $28

Silver and White Glitter Christmas Tree Topper

Image: Amazon

Made of glass and featuring a white glitter design, this tree topper will add elegance and vintage flair to your Christmas tree.

Buy: $26


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