Halloween is that time of the year when surprising people with crazy, haunting decorations and foods is totally acceptable. You must decorate every space of your home including the bathroom with some type of Halloween-themed decorations to make the most of this spookish day.

Generally, people overlook the bathroom when readying their home for October 31. In fact, the bathroom is a space where you should spend most of your time decorating as guests least expect spiders, skeletons and bloodstains creeping out of the restroom.

You can recreate a bone-chilling murder scene with blood in the bathtub and shower cabinet, or decorate with Halloween-themed curtains and towels – there are plenty of options. We have listed below a few Halloween bathroom decor ideas to inspire you to create that scary decor.

Create a scary murder scene in the bathroom

Create a murder scene from one of your favorite horror movies. The effect you choose for the scene can vary according to your preference, but there are a few props and ideas you can use in all conditions.

You can stain the shower curtain in blood (use red die or food color to mimic blood) or take a white bedsheet stained in red color and hang it in the shower area.  Next, you can add some red handprints to the bedsheet or curtain to intensify the visuals.

To achieve a fiercer effect, splash the mirror, washbasin, walls, and toilet seat with red stains, and have footprints leading from the door to the shower area. Of course, you can add a monster peeking from behind the curtain, spiders dangling from the ceiling, or skeletons using the commode or leaning against the walls.

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Amaze guests with a witch-themed bathroom

If you don’t want to mess up your bathroom by splashing red color all over, you can try decorating it in a witch theme. For this, you can have vintage stands with lighted black candles and house plants laid out to create a witchcraft scene.

Let a witch hat float on water in a bathtub, place witch potion bottles with spooky labels near the washbasin or have low wattage light strings dangle over or around the mirror to create a gloomy effect.

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Skeletons bathing or taking a dump

Skulls and skeletons are the least expected props in the bathroom. But this Halloween you know it’s going to be interesting to create the unexpected. You can DIY a skeleton or buy one from the market. The skeleton can be placed on the commode as if it were using the toilet or it can be made to lean against a wall under the shower. A mini skeleton taking bath in a cauldron or a bowl will also be a great addition.

You can also purchase a skull toilet paper holder, skull-shaped soap dispenser, or some other bathroom accessories to go with the theme and enhance the spookiness in the bathroom.

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Spiders, mice and bats invading the bathroom

Smaller Halloween props like spiders, mice and bats are perfect to prepare the bathroom for Halloween celebrations. Whether you place them on shower walls or let them crawl on the floor, they are going to look scary in every which way. You can place some spiders or bugs in the washbasin or have them crawling on the toilet seat or in the bathtub.

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Add to the murder scene with a dead body in the bathroom

If you are eco-conscious and don’t want plastic props in your house, you can try creating a haunting scene in your bathroom by making a dead body from old clothes, packing tape and trash bags. It is an inexpensive and relatively greener way to deck up the bathroom for Halloween. A few blood splashes on the walls and floor (just like you’d have done to create a murder scene) and the work is done.

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Halloween-themed curtains, towels, floor mats

Without much effort, you can add Halloween flair to your bathroom with Halloween-themed furnishings. There are countless curtains, towels, and floor mats featuring Halloween artwork you can purchase from the market. You can add to the spookiness with a DIY bloody bath mat, made with the use of red color, or buy a readymade color-changing Bloody Bath Mat.

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Paste eerie decals, photo frames on bathroom windows and mirrors

Halloween-themed stickers are easily available in the market. For some fancy decor, you can buy them and paste on walls, windows, mirrors or the toilet seat. Purchase only those stickers that can be removed easily, else you will be left with unwanted glue stains once you remove the stickers after the celebrations. You can also hang spooky photo frames and make bloody handprints and write scary Halloween messages on the mirror and windows.

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Creepy soap dispenser 

It is a simple idea for Halloween bathroom decoration. Put googly eyes, some fake bugs, skull beads or other creepy objects you can latch onto inside a soap dispenser and it is ready to scare your guests using your bathroom. You can even glue up cute paper-cut pumpkin faces to a soap dispenser if children are going to be your precious guests.

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Coffin tissue box

If you have basic DIYer skills, you can make a coffin tissue holder using cardboard and black paper. The main task will be to cut cardboard pieces to form the coffin box. When you stick up the cardboard pieces to make the box, leave an opening on the top from where the tissue will be pulled out. You can draw a scary face on the tissue with a black marker, it will add to the fun.

Image: Cargo Collective

Frightening display with Halloween light strings

undoubtedly, lighting plays an important role in intensifying Halloween decor. So use lighting in the bathroom to achieve that dreadfulness. Decorate the mirror with lighting strips and let your guests have a bizarre encounter with ghastly figures around them in dim light. String lights will not only increase the spooky effect but also add to the decor. Candles can also be used to light up the bathroom spookily.

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