Christmas gnomes have gained a special place in holiday décor; they are adorable, decorative and festive. Keeping that in mind, I have created pom pom gnome ornaments to adorn a Christmas tree. These tiny little decoration pieces need a handful of easily available materials and are effortless to make.

You can make as many as you want and hang them on your tree, on Christmas wreaths or make a garland out of them – you are only limited by your imagination. So let’s create something beautiful together.

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Materials Required:

  • Colorful felt sheets or colorful chart paper
  • White yarn loops
  • Colorful pom poms
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glitter or beads for embellishment
  • Scissors
Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

How to Make Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments for Christmas

Time needed: 15 minutes

Steps to Make Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments from Yarn and Felt

  1. Make a conical hat from felt

    Take a felt sheet and make a cone out of it to create the hat for the gnome using hot glue. Remember that you are making a tree ornament, so it should be small in size. You can swap it for a chart paper if you don’t have felt available. Don’t trim the excess sheet on the bottom of the hat.

  2. Make a skein from yarn

    Once the hat is done, start the process of making yarn pom poms for the body. Make a skein of thick white yarn (it should be small in diameter).

  3. Cut the skein from the sides

    Tie the skein from the middle tightly and put scissors through the sides and cut them.

  4. Spread the yarn

    The thicker the skein, the nicer pom pom it makes. Once the side loops are cut, spread the yarn around to make a ball.

  5. Cut off rough edges

    Now trim the rough edges of the yarn ball to give it a smooth, spherical shape.

  6. Pom pom is ready

    Once again, arrange the yarn in a round form and a fluffy pom pom is ready. You need to attach a long thread to hang it.

  7. Attach the components

    Now, put the pom pom through the hat and tie a knot on the string, securing the pom pom in place. Leave some string on the top that you can use to hang the ornament.

  8. Embellish the gnome ornament

    Now glue a small, white pom pom on the top and a cream-colored pom pom to make the nose right where the hat and yarn pom pom meet. You can embellish the hat as you like with glitter or beads. And there you have it, an adorable little pom pom gnome ornament for the Christmas tree. Now make as many as you want and display them around the house.

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