Halloween is just around the corner, and you would already be looking for some quirky decorations that can help turn your home into a spooky oasis for the day! There are plenty of random options to choose from but if you want something new and interesting, try scary Halloween animatronics this time.

These are moving and animated Halloween decorations that can add instant fright to the space. Imagine a zombie prop with lighted eyes that starts crawling when someone touches it. Your guests will get the creeps seeing a zombie steadily moving toward them. Fun and horror guaranteed!

You can find a variety of Halloween Animatronics out there but we have compiled a list of some of the best ones. Have a look below:

Spirit Halloween Jumping Spider Animatronic

Image: Amazon

It is a large motion-activated spider that will send shivers down the bravest of spines. It has light-up eyes and plays scary sounds. When activated, it will jump and so will the spectator. Easy to set up in the covered areas, it can be reused again next year.

Price: $70

JOYIN Animated Hanging Grim Reaper

Image: Amazon

This sound-activated, scary Halloween animatronic decoration can be a haunting addition to your house. When activated, the grim reaper with opened mouth will move its head and scream with creepy sounds. Its eyes will also glow up, making it ready to scare trick-or-treaters.

Price: $22

Wicked Witch Animatronic by Best Choice Products

Image: Amazon

This 5-ft tall, freestanding poseable witch figure with adjustable arms and a motorized head will have your guests shake with fear! It is a sound and touch activated Halloween prop that creates a scary environment with glowing LED eyes, creepy pre-recorded phrases, and movement.

Price: $50

Scary Peeper

Image: Amazon

If you are looking to create a fun yet creepy experience for your family or guests, this window tapping Halloween prop with motion activation is a cool option for you. It sticks to the window and taps three times when someone comes nearby. The prop may also be set to tap three times continuously after every 10 seconds.

Price: $43

Moving Witch Broomstick

Image: Amazon

This motion-activated witch broomstick moves when someone comes in the vicinity. Its overall effects are enhanced through creepy sounds. The witch broom is about 5-foot in height and weighs 2.5 lbs. It will add fright and fun to living room.

Price: $72

Limb Eating Zombie

Image: Amazon

The poseable limb-eating zombie is perfect for indoor decoration or spooking up the covered areas outside the house. Motion- and sound-activated, this animated Halloween prop moves its head and mouth to frighten trick-or-treaters while its scary eyes light up. This little evil boy even makes growling sounds while eating a limb.

Buy: $200

Crawling Zombie

Image: Amazon

This animated, creeping zombie can add fright to any home décor. As soon as one pats this Halloween prop on the back, its eyes light up with a terrible sound, its head wiggles, and its body starts moving slowly. Don’t get that scared!

Price: $40

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Animated Skeleton Scarecrow by Haunted Hill Farm

Image: Amazon

This life-size standing skeleton scarecrow has a rotating head & flashing realistic eyes that get activated with touch. It also delivers haunting moans and groans to enhance the menacing effect. The 6 ft. animated figure is dressed in an orange burlap tunic over black burlap pants and a black pointed hat with orange rag trim completes the look.

Price: $69

Motion Activated Clown

Image: The Home Depot

This standing clown Halloween prop comes with a durable stand, poseable arms, and LED eyes. Just step in its range and it plays chilling sounds and terrifying phrases. Its moving arms will surely haunt your guests. The prop is motion and sound-activated.

Price: $65

Animated Hanging Corpse by JOYIN

Image: Amazon

Scare your friends with this sound and motion activated hanging corpse. Its shaking body, creepy sounds and glowing led eyes make it scarier and creepier.

Price: $30

Moving Tinsel Halloween Prop

Image: Target

Designed in the shape of a ghost in pumpkin, this moving tinsel ghost will add a touch of cuteness to your eerie décor. It features a beautiful, classic orange and black color scheme with a green top. There are 335 built-in lights.

Price: $50

Roaming Creepy Doll Animatronic

Image: Amazon

This scary doll animatronic features red LED eyes and a moving torso and arms. You can scream, clap, or touch the prop to activate its horrific moves. It stands over 2 feet tall and calls out bone-chilling phrases to enhance its haunted appearance manifold.

Price: $50

Popcorn Bucket Finger Animatronic

Image: Amazon

It is the most small and affordable Halloween animatronic in our list. You can set up anywhere in your home and watch your guests jump in fright. The popcorn bucket has built-in lights and there are six severed fingers that move up and down, creating a frightening scene.

Buy: $14    

Animated Reaper on Horse by Seasonal Visions

Image: Amazon

Scare everyone at your Halloween party with this unique 7-ft tall prop. The horse head and legs move when it is triggered. The eyes of the reaper and horse flash and reaper says creepy things. You can create a more haunting scene with a fog machine.

Price: $620

Beetlejuice Animatronic


This nearly 6-foot tall animatronic has a moving head and arms suitable to add chills to your indoor Halloween decorations. It can be set to motion activation or you can use a foot pad. The phrases it says are hilarious.

Price: $305


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