With Halloween just around the corner, you may possibly have started gathering ideas to decorate your home in your own unique way. Being a little crafty can be effective, it can help you save money and also add a personal touch to your Halloween decorations.

You can even involve kids in the process. This will be a creative activity helping them develop new skills and create unforgettable family memories. There are plenty of Halloween crafts for kids you can find online but if you get down to searching, you will be left confused.

For your help, we have gathered a few unique craft ideas that you can try with your children on Halloween. The little guys will easily handle these simple DIYs.

Simple fold paper bat

Take two paper circles and make wings by folding paper. Now attach the wings to the circles in shape of bat wings, add googly eyes and draw a mouth to complete the look. Kids can easily make this cute bat decoration. Learn more about the build process at I Heart Crafty Things.

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

Black cat toilet papercraft

Easy to make and not-so-scary, all this craft needs is a toilet paper roll and some colors. For a detailed procedure, check out Where Imagination Grows.

Image: Where Imagination Grows

Witch papercraft

Geometric shapes are always fun to experiment with, especially for holiday decorations. Did you know you can make a witch out of a few paper triangles, circles, and a couple of rectangles?

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

Masking tape Mummy

Masking Tape Mummy is not as scary as you would think. It’s a fun craft that kids can help with. Cut out some black paper in the shape of a body and apply masking tape over it with a pair of eyes. And Tada! It’s ready.

Image: No Time for Flash Cards

Spider handprint craft

A simple project kids can make with their handprints and a few supplies. Read how to make this spider web handprint craft on The Best Ideas for Kids.

Image: The Best Ideas for Kids

Styrofoam cup spiders

If your little one is afraid of spiders and bugs, this Halloween, give them a chance to overcome the fear with this DIY Styrofoam cup spider by One Little Project. Go on and give it a try!

Image: One Little Project

Paper cup Frankenstein

Place a paper cup upside down and paint it green. The top of the cup should be painted black. Add eyes and a pointy nose to give it the Frankenstein look. Tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts will help you with details.

Image: Non-Toy Gifts

Hanging paper cup ghosts

These DIY hanging paper cup ghosts from Red Ted Art are extremely easy to make. Not necessarily the finest Halloween decor, but really fun activity for kids.

Image: Red Ted Art

Tissue paper candy corn

This fun craft can be carried out with young kids and kindergartners as well. Get some contact paper, colored tissue paper, and create a Tissue Paper Candy Corn to be hung out of the window or outside the door.

Image: Typically Simple

Floating ghost using a balloon

An ordinary balloon can be turned into a floating ghost. Take two large white bin bags cut out with eyes and nose. Glue cardboard eyes and mouth on to a green balloon and then drape the bin bags over it. You can add plastic strips for a frightening appearance. See the full DIY at Kids Craft Room.

Image: Kids Craft Room

Paper plate spider

Kids will love making spiders using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paper plates, and a few other basic crafting supplies. Check out the easy tutorial on The Kindergarten Connection.

Image: The Kindergarten Connection

Paper plate candy corn

Paper plates, colors, and scissors are all that you’ll need for this project. Cut the plate into four equal portions, let kids draw whatever they want, and then use the cutouts separately or strung together as a garland.

Image: Blitsy

DIY mason jar Mummy lantern

If you have spare mason jars at home, turning them into cute monsters can be a fun activity for kids. Help kids wrap a mason jar with a gauge to make it look like a Mummy. You can also paint the jars and have eyes and mouth cutouts pasted on them. See more at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

Image: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Popsicle stick pumpkins

Let kids paint popsicle sticks and arrange them to appear like pumpkins. Head over to Honey and Lime for details.

Image: Honey and Lime

Spider web craft

Popsicle sticks and yarn is all you’ll need to make these cute spider web Halloween decorations. They are perfect to be hung inside or outside your home. Check out the tutorial by The Crafting Chicks.

Image: The Crafting Chicks

Lollipop spiders, ghosts, and witches

Debbie of One Little Project shared this super simple Halloween craft for kids. She has used pipe cleaners as legs. You can even try making ghosts, witches, and other cute decorations in this way.

Image: One Little Project
Image: Happiness is Homemade
Image: Eighteen25

Puffy ghosts

These cute ghosts are made by pasting cotton balls on a paper template. Find full details about the craft at Thriving Home Blog and make these with kids for Halloween.

Image: Thriving Home Blog

Yarn doll ghosts

Super cute but slightly creepy – you can create yarn doll ghosts using the traditional yarn doll techniques. You can hang them around your garden, porch, doors or windows.

Image: The Craft Train

Spooky Bloodshot Eyeballs using ping pong balls

This craft is perfect for a Halloween party. Pick up some ping pong balls and paint them as eerie bloodshot eyeballs to scare the kids. Your elder children can help you in making this craft.

Image: Danya Banya

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Pipe cleaner spider craft

This pipe cleaner and papercraft teaches you to make itsy bitsy spider for Halloween decor. You can weave a web for it or hang it from the ceiling. Check out the tutorial for details.

Image: Easy Peasy and Fun

Bottle Cap Spiders

You may not like the creepy-crawly creatures, but they are a perfect for Halloween. This craft is easy and provides a way to recycle the bottle caps – turn them into bottle cap spiders. Here‘s how to do it.

Image: Live laugh Rowe

Pinecone spiders

Kids will love collecting pinecones and turning them into cute spider web decorations for Halloween. Invite your child and get help from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Image: Fireflies and Mudpies

Pony bead pumpkins

This Halloween, get your kids down to stringing beads and making cute pumpkins from pony beads. Read for the complete DIY at Cutesy Crafts.

Image: Cutesy Crafts

Pumpkin fairy garden

Haven’t you heard of pumpkin fairy gardens? They are a cool new way to involve kids in decorating homes for Halloween. The task is to craft fully detailed dollhouses out of real or artificial pumpkins. Draw inspiration from DIY pumpkin fairy garden by Adventure in a Box.

Image: Adventure In A Box
Image: Instagram @fairiehollow1

Painted pumpkins

Painting pumpkins can create a learning environment for children. If you want to try it this Halloween, read the instructions to do it deftly at The Artful Parent.

Image: The Artful Parent

Pipe cleaner pumpkin craft

Pumpkins are an inseparable part of Halloween. While live pumpkins add an aura of grandeur to the decorations, these DIY pipe cleaner pumpkins are subtle but do liven the space. Learn how to make these adorable pumpkins from pipe cleaners with My Cakies.

Image: My Cakies

Egg carton pumpkins

A brilliant way to reuse egg cartons, this craft adds adorable pumpkins to your decoration. Check out the detailed tutorial for homemade egg carton pumpkins here.

Image: Recycle Nation

Yarn Pumpkins

To make yarn pumpkins you need yarn, some balloons, and glue. One Little Project has the details of how you can form all these together to arrive at beautiful yarn pumpkins.

Image: One Little Project

Easy rolled paper pumpkin craft

This project is so simple and easy that it can be done by your little ones. All you need is colored paper, scissors, and glue. Roll paper circles, glue them together and your rolled paper pumpkins are ready.

Image: One Creative Mommy

Paper pumpkin craft

You can make paper pumpkins using patterned paper in various colors and prints. Cut out standard paper strips of the same size and assemble them as shown in It’s Always Autumn.

Image: It’s Always Autumn

Painted riverside cobbles

Kids can also participate in painting cobbles and rocks, which can be turned into jack-o’-lanterns or snowman-themed Halloween props. Find out more at Glued To My Crafts Blog.

Image: Glued To My Crafts Blog
Image: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Yarn monsters

Cute, little yarn monsters – that is one easy craft for Halloween. Grab some colorful yarn, pipe cleaners, and a couple of crafty eyes. Check out Blue Bear Wood for a full tutorial.

Image: Blue Bear Wood

Egg carton monsters

Egg carton monsters are more cute and silly than they are spooky. Kids love them nonetheless. You can reuse the empty egg cartons and get fun going the way  The Craft Train explains.

Image: The Craft Train

Cupcake liner monster stick puppets

Monster puppets sound really cool, and what’s even cooler is that they can be made from cupcake liners for your Halloween decorations. I Heart Crafty Things has details, check it out.

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

DIY footprint window clings

This is one of those easy Halloween crafts that any child can do. All that is required is some contact paper, acrylic paints, sandpaper, and yeah, a pair of teeny-tiny feet. Check out the tutorial.

Image: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Boo baskets

If you want to make Halloween scary, then making a spooky boo basket with kids will be a perfect family event. They can simply make one by layering up different Halloween decorations.

Image: Probably Parents

Spider web chalk art

Kids love to draw on a chalkboard. Motivate them to work on a Halloween theme when drawing – spiders, pumpkins anything they want. Get more ideas for it at Teaching Mama.

Image: Teaching Mama

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Paper Plate Craft for Halloween

Making adorable Halloween-themed props using paper plates can be a fun activity for kids. Little ones will find it interesting to make bats, spiders, Frankenstein, or pumpkins. It will help improve creativity and crafting skills. Check out the tutorial.

Image: Simple as That

DIY Bats

For this easy Halloween craft, you can cut out shapes of wings, ears, and mouth from cardstock and tissue paper and then glue them to a spoon to form a bat. More details at The Joy Sharing.

Image: The Joy Sharing

DIY Halloween Garland

This super easy DIY Halloween garland can be made using just a few supplies. Kids can also be involved in the project. The first thing is to make circular shapes with Jack-o’-lantern faces. Then you can string them up like a garland. It’s easy as that! Read more at TinkerLab.

Image: TinkerLab

Witch Hands

This homemade Halloween treat from Frugal Mom Eh is ideal if you want to impress kids in your neighborhood. Fill food service gloves with colored popcorns and hand them out to the trick-or-treaters. At first, kids are going to hesitate in taking them, but later the sweet colored popcorns in witch hands are going to be the coolest thing on the block. And did you know, the witch hand can also be used as an item of decor?

Image: Frugal Mom Eh

Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

This cool and creepy Halloween decoration can be made with standard household supplies. Just wrap up strips of toilet paper around an empty roll, and add googly eyes to complete the mummy look. Arms can also be added to this project shared by Papelisimo.

Image: Papelisimo

Jack-o’-lantern Oranges

Want to involve kids in decorating home for Halloween? You can engage them in this easy-to-make Jack-o’-lantern. They will need to remove the pulp from oranges and then cut a creepy face on the peel. Put a tealight in it and display it next to your front door. See more at Red Ted Art.

Image: Red Ted Art

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