IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtains

IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtain to Dampen Noise and Reverberations

Oddity has almost become a cliché for IKEA that has gained a reputation for itself by manufacturing some of the most intriguing household items the world has ever seen. From launching batteries and chargers that are camouflaged as books to unveiling a wireless charger, IKEA is setting the bar high for other brands. In the latest development, the Swedish furnishing giant has added GUNNLAUG, a sound-absorbing curtain to its elite list of maverick items.

GUNNLAUG is a fancy alternative to your earmuffs, in fact, a lot better when it comes to dampening the noise and reverberations in the room. If you have to attend a phone call during a party, simply turn to another room loaded with these curtains. Thanks to the sound-absorbing capacity of these curtains, even you won’t be able to hear the music and the mania going around.

The curtain is ISO 354 certified and is made of 100 percent recycled chenille yarn. It is available in color options of white and gray and can easily blend with your interior. The translucent nature of the curtain offers you privacy and also softens the light. It can be used on a curtain rod or a curtain track.

GUNNLAUG absorbs echo and reverberation of medium and high frequencies. So you don’t have to worry about someone honking continuously in your neighborhood or chairs being screeched in the dining while you try to sleep. In addition, it offers the best performance when draped with folds.

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Imagine another scenario, your roommate is having a heated discussion with their partner and over the phone and your soundproof walls aren’t effective enough, don’t move out just yet. These curtains will become an added layer to silence things up. The sound-absorbing curtain is available at and in stores at just $50.

IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtains

Image: IKEA

IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtains

Image: IKEA

IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtains

Image: IKEA

IKEA Unveils Sound-Absorbing Curtains

Image: IKEA

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