I have been in love with the realm of the beautiful elves, robust dwarfs, pointy-hatted wizards, and the happy-go-lucky hobbits of the land we know as Middle-earth. While Rivendell is stunning, the charm of hobbit homes of the Shire is simply unbeatable. The underground residences of the tiny creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction have become incredibly popular over the years. While the reader community was acquainted with the beings that Tolkien described as having a “round, jovial face; ears only slightly pointed and ‘elvish’.” The rest became familiar with them once the Lord of the Rings movie came out in 2001 (muggles), almost half a century after the book’s publishing.

As the narrator goes on to explain that the little people (hobbits) are roughly half the size of humans, have thick hair on their feet, round bellies, and a love of good food, comfort, and security, we get to know what sort of creatures hobbits are. Despite their love for good things, our protagonists do not shy away from an adventure when the fate of Middle-earth hangs in balance, even though they miss their plush earth homes in Hobbiton.

The hobbit houses came to attention after they appeared in the Lord of the Rings movie franchise and inspired a new generation to recreate hobbit holes designed by Dan Hennah and Grant Major for the films.

What are Hobbit Homes?

Hobbit houses are carved into a hillside and covered entirely with soil and plants to have a green roof. Although built underground or into the ground in somewhat of a huge hole, these houses were not as you would expect such a house to be – dirty, muddy, and shabby.

But these hobbit houses were built immaculately into hills with tunnels connecting the big living spaces. Sure, they had low ceilings and round doors, not enough room for a grown human to stand in but the luxury and comfort were never compromised in Hobbiton, even in homes of not-so-well-to-do hobbits.

Defining Features of Hobbit House

Tolkien’s work and movie adaptations popularized hobbit holes to incredible proportions; so much so that after many decades, people are still looking to stay in or build hobbit houses worldwide. So what are the key features of these structures? Let’s find out.

Earth Homes

Hobbit holes are innately earth homes as they are built into the earth on a hillside. Hobbit houses are created by carving a hole into the hill to create a small or large abode, ranging from several bedrooms to a studio-type structure. These are covered with natural vegetation to make it one with the surroundings.

Round Windows and Doors

Another defining feature of the hobbit homes are the round openings for windows and doors. The ones in Tolkien’s lore usually observed plenty of round windows to bring in natural light. Modern hobbit holes are often designed with arched and semicircular openings.

Small Square Footage

While we know that Bilbo’s house was relatively spacious, hobbit houses are generally known to have a small square footage. For comparison, let’s say that they are somewhere near to a typical tiny house area of about 400 square feet, give or take.

Natural Light

Since there are plenty of windows dotting the earth homes, hobbit houses are marked by an abundance of natural light. This characteristic is particularly required as the scope for natural light and fresh air is minimal when a structure is embedded into a hill.

Earthy Aesthetic

Another important feature of hobbit houses is the aesthetic, which is neutral and earthy. There is a lot of use of natural wood and stone to keep the interior grounded.

Lush Gardens

While the other elements mark the structure of the hobbit homes, lavish gardens are a crucial part of the overall dwelling. Since hobbits are earth-loving creatures, their houses were accompanied by gardens.

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Hobbit Houses on Airbnb

Airbnb is an amazing platform to start with if you wish to stay at a hobbit house. The vacation rental company features tons of listings for these whimsical abodes allowing you to experience the lifestyle of the Shire. Well, maybe not to those proportions.

While some of these adhere to the traditional construct of the hobbit house, most of the modern hobbit holes are not exactly earth homes even though they do have most of the characteristics including green roofs. From New Zealand to Norway to America, here are the best hobbit houses you can rent on Airbnb across the world.

Sassafras Dome Earth Home in Tennessee, USA

This hobbit home in Tennessee is part of a 34-wedding venue and retreat called Waterstone. It is not necessarily built into a hillside but rather features a green roof and dome-shaped architecture full of character and charm. The hobbit house features one bedroom and one bathroom to accommodate two people. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed.

Built on a cliff overlooking a pond and a waterfall, the Sassafras Dome Earth doesn’t really look like a Shire residence but rather an Elf home of Rivendell. Inside you get a living room and a full kitchen, a comfy bed, and a big bathroom. Outside, you have an outdoor gas fire pit, an outdoor spa, and a stone soaking tub.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Recanto Hobbit in Jarinu, Brazil

This Tolkien-inspired hobbit nook in the Sao Paulo municipality of Jarinu is an experience of pure Shire bliss. Located in a quaint setting, this Airbnb vacation rental is a humble render of Bilbo’s abode with a green roof, a garden, a hot tub, and many more amenities, but pets are not allowed. The Recanto Hobbit features numerous elements from Peter Jackson’s adaptation.

The themed cabin can sleep two people and the guests will have access to a firepit, hammock, al-fresco dining space, private back garden, and hot tub. Inside, you will find a kitchen equipped to prepare meals during your stay. For maintaining indoor temperatures, the rental has a split air conditioner, electric fireplace, and portable heater.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Dog-Friendly Hobbit House in Pennsylvania, USA

Finding a pet-friendly vacation rental is hard as it is, trying to find a hobbit home that allows your four-legged friends to stay with you is even a difficult task. Fortunately for our Tolkien fans, this hobbit house in Pennsylvania is a secluded hideaway at Fernstone Retreat. Located next to a lake in woodland, this vacation lodging features an open-plan layout where the lone bed is in the middle of the room, flanked by a small cooking space for guests to prepare their meals and a dining area.

It also has a wall-mounted television and a coffee station. An octagonal skylight is directly installed above the bed for stargazing. The bathroom is at the back with full facilities. The interior features exposed live-edge wood accents and stone floors. Outside, a fire pit and BBQ grill await to provide a memorable stay. Except for the natural settings and materials, the hobbit house is devoid of gardens or a green roof, and neither is it built into a hillside.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Second Breakfast Hideaway in Kootenay, Canada

Another hobbit house with a no-pet policy but it is such a beautiful hideaway that you would call the dog watcher and pack your bags immediately. Cleverly named the Second Breakfast Hideaway, this movie-inspired Airbnb rental is half an hour from the Okanagan Highlands of British Columbia. Built into a hillside, this earth home has a spacious interior with relatively low vaulted ceilings, round holes for doors, and separate designated living spaces.

There is a hearth with the One Ring inscription from the movie written above it. It also features a full kitchen and bathroom to make things homely. Since the host wishes you to have a truly unplugged experience, there is no television or WiFi so you can explore the nearby trails and quaint countryside.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Vineyard Hollow at Oastbrook Vineyard in Robertsbridge, UK

Located in Oastbrook Vineyard in Robertsbridge village in East Sussex, Vineyard Hollow is a hobbit home-style lodging that can accommodate four people in its two-bedroom layout. It is the perfect sip-and-stay weekend getaway. With valley and vineyard views, this quaint hobbit house offers over 800 square feet of interior space accommodating two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. 

The space also includes a kitchen, dining space, an al-fresco setting, and a hot tub. The best part of this rental is the location; it allows you to explore the beautiful English countryside or stay and enjoy vine tours.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Hobbit House in Nominingue, Canada

A quaint little setting with a live roof, this hobbit house in Nominingue village in Montreal is perfect for couples, solo travelers, and families with kids to have a little getaway. It features a unique interior with bunk beds and the house runs on solar power.

The vacation lodging has a full kitchen, allowing guests to whip meals of their liking, a built-in dining area in the middle of the house, an enclosed living area, a wood-fired fireplace, and a bathroom. The house features a compost dry toilet.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Underground Hygge in Washington, United States

Built by Kristie Wolfe, this amazing earth house is available for night stays through Airbnb. It is a unique dwelling buried into the ground for resembling a hobbit-hole house. There is also a round door and a number of architectural details to make it look like a house from the shire.

It is located near the Columbia River Gorge mountainside, Orlando. The hobbit home features a brilliant use of natural materials throughout. It has a generous living room, a bedroom, and a full bathroom with a toilet, shower, and a small porcelain bathtub.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Hobbit House Near San Diego

This hobbit house is equipped with an iconic round door, granite rock walls, wood beam ceilings, and a living roof. There is a Murphy bed, a wood-burning fireplace, a small bar, and a toilet outside. The hobbit house is surrounded by hiking and walking trails.

There is no electricity to ensure an off-grid escape, but there is a premium YETI cooler to keep your drinks fresh and cold. It features a Coleman propane camping stove to allow you to cook indoors. Outside, a propane BBQ grill offers a pleasant al-fresco cooking and dining experience.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Hobbit House of Pawling in New York, USA

This cozy hobbit house rental features a hot tub. There are two bedrooms with king-size beds, a queen-size pull-out couch in the living room with a fireplace, and two bathrooms each with a walk-in shower. It has facilities looking for in a weekend getaway.

The Pawling hobbit house has three patios, a BBQ grill, two hammocks, two fire pits, and an electric fireplace in the living room to make the stay cozy and fun. However, if you have kids under 12 years of age, you might want to leave them at home along with any pets as they are also not allowed. 

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Hobbit House in Vermont, United States

This earth-sheltered, fantasy architecture home was completed in 2018. 70 miles outside of New York City, this snug hobbit house is perfect for LOTR fans. Filled with authentic themes and decors, has fiber optic WiFi, darts and board games, and a smart TV. Charming Tolkien-inspired interior styling, antiques, and special touches are added to give it the feeling of a hobbit house.

There is a queen bed in the master bed nook which adjoins a full bath with a claw foot tub. The best part is the myriad of outdoor activities that the secluded location offers, including swimming in the spring-fed pond. Moreover, you get to take your 25-pound dog with you for a snug countryside weekend escape.

Image: Airbnb
Image: Airbnb

Hobbit Homes for Rent

While Airbnb has a host of stunning and whimsical hobbit houses for rent, you can find many more through different platforms. Some other vacation rental companies also feature a myriad of equally beautiful lodgings around the world to allow fans to enjoy fantastical stays.

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The Shire by Purposely Lost in Maine, USA

The Shire by rental company Purposely Lost is a cozy little retreat in Southern Maine. Inspired by the Hobbiton residences, this getaway has arched doors, vaulted ceilings, a custom-built hearth, a full kitchen, a computer station, a BBQ grill, and a hot tub among many other facilities. The high ceiling ensures that all parties, including dwarves, elves, humans, and our favorite tall wizard with the pointy hat can all fit without bumping their heads.

Built into a hillside by a lake, the Shire has a stone patio, a fire pit, and a private dock. The house features two queen bedrooms, a full bath, a kitchen, and energy-efficient appliances.

Image: Purposely Lost
Image: Purposely Lost

Green Burrow in Dunblane, Scotland

This hobbit house rental will take you to the magical landscape of the books or movies, whichever you prefer. The Green Burrow is located in Dunblane town of Scotland, surrounded by a meadow. Built into a hillside, the Green Burrow has a round green door, giving it its name, a grassy rooftop, two skylights, and a lush garden space.

It has an open-floor layout with a double bed in the middle of the room. A clawfoot bathtub is installed in a corner and a sink. On the other side is a wood-fired fireplace, a living area, and a dining nook. The other side of the room has a gas hob and other cooking essentials to allow guests to whip up meals of choice if they do not feel like dining out.

Image: Craighead Howfs
Image: Craighead Howfs

The Shire of Montana

If you wish to spend a few days in a hobbit home, The Shire of Montana run by Steve Michaels and his wife Christine is the best place you can get. This partially underground suite is embraced within the earth. It offers modern conveniences while also incorporating the mystique and caricature of a cozy home featured in fantasy books.

It features miniature whimsical touches around the vacation rental to complete the fantastical experience. There is a large deck and fire pit outside. Inside, you find a fireplace, natural wood details, a full kitchen, dining area, living space, and two bedrooms.

Image: The Shire of Montana
Image: The Shire of Montana

Hobbitowa in Krzywcza, Poland

Bogdan Pękalski, an experienced self-builder has built this beautiful hobbit home on his own trying to make it blend into the landscape. The house is mainly made from wood, stones, and clay. The interior is plastered with clay while lime is used for the exterior. It has a living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms, spanning over about 484 square feet.

There is a kitchenette with a traditional clay kitchen with fireplaces, a brazier, a gas stove, a bread oven, and a dinner table. The solar-powered cottage has no working television but you can find toys and books to keep the kids entertained. Besides, there is plenty to explore outside including kayaking on the San River.

Image: Leszek Jaworski
Image: Hobbitowa

Hobbitenango Casitas, Guatemala

This hobbit house in Guatemala is constructed with natural materials and eco-friendly methods. It has a double bed, a large fireplace, a bathroom with a hot shower, and a furnished outdoor patio. The place offers views of the valleys and volcanoes in the vicinity.

There is a cozy living area next to big windows, allowing immersive views of the valley. The red round door adds the Tolkien charm, along with natural material details inside.

Image: Hobbitenango Casitas
Image: Hobbitenango Casitas

Hobbit House in Geversduin, Netherlands

This house is completely covered with moss and sand on the outside and has round windows and a round door to resemble a hobbit hole. It has a bathroom with a shower and toilet and a fully equipped kitchen. There is a lovely double bed and a bunk bed for sleeping in this vacation rental.

There are plenty of possibilities to explore the surroundings in this quaint campground. It is designed more as a mud house than a hobbit house but it serves the purposes well.

Image: Camping Geversduin
Image: Camping Geversduin

Hobbit House in Limburg, Belgium

Located in a secluded location where it blends nicely into the surroundings laden with vineyards, the hobbit house in Limburg is a perfect family getaway. With a double room layout, the vacation rental has a green roof, a round door, and round windows, and features cozy touches.

It has a double bed, a full kitchen, a dining space, a living area with a fireplace, and a full bathroom in one room. Connected to the main room is a smaller room that has two sets of bunk beds to sleep four people. Outside, you will find an al-fresco dining area with a grill and a hot tub. The only thing that might disappoint you is that there are no pets allowed.

Image: Glampings
Image: Glampings

Hidden Hollow in Llanidloes, Wales

The Hidden Hollow is a roundhouse built into a hillside, and has curved ceilings and an open-floor layout. The rental has underfloor heating, a king-size bed, a handcrafted kitchen, and a small living room. The live roof, beautiful orchard, chickens, and gardens add to the Shire-like charm of the place.

There is a BBQ grill and a fire pit allowing you to enjoy evenings out. A nearby babbling river allows recreational activities. Inside, you will find a copy of the Lord of the Rings to enjoy during the stay.

Image: Sugar & Loaf
Image: Sugar & Loaf

Pheasant’s Roost in North Yorkshire, England

The Pheasant’s Roost in North Yorkshire is built into a beautiful hillside at Cliff Farm. The underground hobbit hole pod can sleep up to six guests, making it ideal for vacations with large families and friends. There are two bedrooms and a sofa bed to accommodate large parties.

The open-plan living and kitchen offer plenty of room for a get-together, while the round windows, door, and live roof add the Shire charm perfectly. You get to explore the nearby coastline and many beaches.

Image: Yorkshire Burrows
Image: Yorkshire Burrows

Honorable Mention: While this hobbit home may not be available for rent, Simon Dale has really created an inspiring structure for DIYers.

Hobbit House by Simon Dale

Simon Dale has built this hobbit home with the help of family and friends. Made with sustainable materials and scrap wood in about four months and $4,200. Built meticulously to become part of the lush surroundings, this structure has a timber frame with a rooftop made of a layer of straw bales and covered with plastic sheets to restrict water from seeping in.

The walls are lime plastered and the entire house is covered in a layer of mud to ensure it blends ever so nicely with the surroundings. The hobbit house also has a compost toilet, solar panels for power, water diverted from a nearby spring, and an unusual fridge that cools with air from underneath its foundation.

Image: Simon Dale
Image: Simon Dale

Our team handpicked these hobbit houses to give Tolkien fans an amazing experience of that Shire life in scenic locations around the world. If you have stayed at one of these hobbit house rentals, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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