20+ Best Christmas Trees Made from Recycled Materials

Christmas is the time for peace on Earth and goodwill toward humanity. But, did you know you can get your family into the festive mood without decorating using an evergreen tree? This year do something different by decorating your porch or backyard in a green and planet-friendly way. You can use artificial ones or make use of your DIY skills to make alternative Christmas trees out of old unused items at home.

You might have realized how difficult it is to find a trustworthy source of sustainable Christmas trees. On top of that, once the holiday season is over, we’re again stuck looking for a way to dispose-off the tree.

Considering this quandary, we have come up with the best recycled Christmas tree ideas that’ll help you, especially if you are environmentally conscious. Thereby, you can make your Christmas tree out of discarded materials like old CDs, plates, plastic/glass bottles, cans or books. 

If not anything, this way you’ll be doing your bit to reduce the ever-growing burden on the Mother Nature.

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

Image: Modish Store

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Image: So Much Better With Age

Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet Christmas Tree

Image: Instagram @welshswoodcraft

Fallen Tree Branch Christmas Tree

Fallen tree branch Christmas tree

Image: Pinterest

Recycled SCSI Hard Drive Christmas Tree 

Christmas tree made from old hard drives

Image: Makezine

Christmas Tree Made from CDs

wall hanging alternative christmas tree made from cds

Image: Compartilhando Saber e Saberes

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

Image: Mdewtree

Christmas Tree Made from Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

Image: Evite

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Wine Cork Tabletop Christmas Tree

DIY wine cork Christmas tree

Image: KJ

Christmas Trees from Paperback Books

Christmas Trees from Paperback Books

Image: In The Kitchen With Mum

Tin Can Christmas Tree

Tin Can Christmas Tree

Image: Babble Dabble Do

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

recycled egg carton christmas tree

Image: The OT Toolbox

Popsicle Christmas Tree

DIY popsicle Christmas tree

Image: Momtastic

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

DIY Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Image: One Project Closer

Tire Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree from Old Tires

Image: The Owner Builder Network

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

PVC pipe Christmas tree

Image: Urban Nesting

Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree by Cascade

Recycled cardboard Christmas tree

Image: Cascade

Christmas Tree Made from 5,000 Ceramic Dishes and Cups by Mooz

Christmas Tree Made from 5,000 Donated Ceramic Plates and Cups

Image: Designboom

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Tannenboing- Recycled Aluminum Christmas Tree 

recycled aluminum Christmas tree

Image: Tannenboing

Electric Christmas Tree Made from Chevy Volt Parts by Gary Card

Electric Christmas Tree is Made from Recycled Chevy Volt Parts

Image: Inhabitat

26-feet Tall Christmas Tree Made Up of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels 

Jack Daniels Christmas tree

Image: Jack Daniels

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