recycle wine barrel into furniture

30 Best Ideas to Recycle Old Wine Barrels

Wine barrels have had a long history; they have been part of human lives for more than 2,000 years. Back then, barrels were used for shipping and storing wines. After that, they were nothing more than a pile of waste. These days recycling has become a trend, as a result of which old wine barrels are also getting a second life. There is nothing hard to recycle wine barrel into something useful, you just need to be creative.  

People are turning old wine barrels into beautiful furniture pieces. The proof is a list of these DIY wine barrel creations that appears to be awesome than designer furniture. Scroll down for more images; you never know you might find your inspiration to go green.

# Cozy dog house made from old wine barrel

dog bed from old wine barrel

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# Retro Pie Arcade table is a handmade game table upcycled from an old wine barrelRetro pie game table made from old wine barrels

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# Old French oak wine barrel transformed into industrial-chic light. Isn’t it awesome?


# Barrels turned into bar table. Amazing, right?Bistro-Tables-and-stools- made from pold barrels

# Ring-shaped rustic rocking horse chair is totally made of discarded barrels.

Rocking-Horse-Chair made from old barrels

# This classy Lumia LED lamp is created from retired wine barrel.

Lumia-LED-lamp old wine barrel

# Exquisite washbasin made from the recycled old wine barrel give the feel of Disney movie stuff.

# Upcycled beer barrel bedroom, best for your little ones.

wine barrel bed

# What about having a wine on this cool barrel table?Coffee-table-made-from- old wine-barrel

# Handmade wine bar repurposed from an old wine barrel to display your wine collection. A wonderful addition to any home interior.

# Innovative chandelier lamp made from the discarded wine barrel steel hoops

Barrels hoop lamp madr from old wine barrel

# Now this is something really amazing – a hostel made of  old and big wine barrels.

Barrel hostel

# Designed by Jesse Hebert, this vertical garden shows the concept of functionality and environment responsibility.

vertical garden by oopsmarks

# An uniquely designed Christmas tree made from oak barrels

christmas tree made from old barrel

# Wow! It can be a best gift for a drummer.

srummer made from wine barrel

# “Its about time” is a fully functional wall time piece made of recycled old wine barrels and license plates

wall clock made from old wine barrel

# Ben Johnston has turned these wooden wine barrel lids into creative work of typography.

# Comfortable wine barrel dog bed for your loyal friend. Your dog will surely love it.


# Chopping board made from oak wood wine barrel.


# Expensive upcycled tray made out of oak wine barrel, a new collection to your crockery set.

tray made from old wine barrels


# A decorative wine barrel basket, which you can use to store flowers, magazines and other little stuff.

old wine barrel basket

# Bookworms and wine lovers, here is a special creation to put your book and expensive wine collection on display. It’s 5 feet tall and made from large Napa Valley wine barrels.

# This dazzling eco-friendly coat rack is entirely made of recycled white solid oak wine barrel.


# Handmade wine stave dog bowl is a great addition to any pet lover’s home.

dog feedar made from barrel

#  This pub table will remind you of the old time.

# Baby cradle made from recycled oak wine barrel. No glue or unnatural material is being used in its making.

# Wine barrel coat tree, amazingly different.coat tree made from barrel

# This sophisticated menorah, hewn from the recycled oak wine barrel.candle holder

# This outdoor furniture handcrafted from old wine barrels is a wonderful addition to any backyard.backyard furniture made fro, old barrel

# This island and stool set will double the beauty of your kitchen. It’s purely made of old wine oak barrels.

recycle wine barrel into furniture


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