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Seven Super Easy Home Improvements Anyone Can Make

Whether you’re thinking about increasing the value of your home or you feel your house could do with some upgrade, there are a host of cost-effective ways of doing just that with ease and in minimum budget. From giving your kitchen a makeover to tinkering with the appeal of the living room, you can do it all well within the budget, if you know the right tips to follow. Here are a few easy home improvements you must know:

Paint Your Cabinets

You don’t need to redo the kitchen to make it new – freshening up your cabinets can do this in itself! Replacing cabinets is an expensive proposition anyway unless of course, they are broken or damaged beyond repair, you can simply paint the cabinets to make your kitchen look graceful and new. Some pointers to note:

  • Preparation is the key – Before even thinking about painting, you need to make sure there’s a clean and even surface to paint over
  • Start by spraying degreaser onto a cloth, and then wiping all cabinet surfaces with it to remove any excess oil and grease
  • Next, it’s important to sand the wood. You can do this with sandpaper bought at a local homeware shop. Sand until the surfaces are smooth
  • Prime – Using a good quality primer paint will ensure the paint you put on top is less likely to flake away and it lasts longer
  • Finally, painting – Choose a color that compliments your kitchen, and you’re ready to go!

Invest In a Stair Runner

If your staircase has begun to look a bit tired, a stair runner will give it that missing wow. At the onset, the idea of installing a stair runner may seem intimidating, but the heartening news is that adding a runner is pretty darn easy and you love how it looks when done. In addition to making the stairs look better, there are several practical positives to fitting a stair runner:

  • Increased comfort – A stair runner will be softer on your joints than concrete or a hardwood floor when you’re running up and down the stairs
  • It’ll make the steps be less noisy
  • It also provides more grip on the stairs – so if you have children who’re rushing up and down it’s a lot safer
  • And of course, it looks beautiful, we can’t stress this enough

Add a Statement Color to Your Ceiling

Adding color to the fifth wall that often goes unnoticed can jazz up the room in minimum effort, time and money. You won’t want to paint the ceiling of every room, but if you want to make a statement in one of the rooms, this is an effective way to do it.   

  • It’s as cheap as you want it to be. Spend what you want on paint, and it’s easy enough to DIY (it’s okay to spill some paint on the floor, you cannot really defy gravity, check out some painting tips to minimize the spilling)
  • If you’re not up for it, you can pay a decorator to come and do it with a paint of your choosing
  • It can add a pop of color to a room that looks tired, really bringing it to life
  • It will give the room of your choice a unique and luxurious feel to it. It’s bound to wow guests or buyers

Plants Are Your Friends, Add Them to House Décor

If you have some space vacant at home, adding slight green to it will do you no harm. Certain houseplants are air purifying, therefore, they are healthy for your home environment. Even if you don’t have floor space, try indoor vertical gardening but have plants at home since they bring the outdoors in all year round. Even on a dull, rainy day your home will have a tropical feel to it.

  • Succulents, Aloe plants, Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, Golden Pothos are some good addition indoor
  • Plants instantly freshen up space and make you feel livelier and happier
  • In addition to making your living space look more inviting and luxurious, indoor plants also make your home’s air healthier
  • Homes with plants indoors are better for the elderly, children and pets
  • If you’re low on space, you can even hang the plants. Hanging plants make interiors pop. And since it is unexpected, it adds freshness to your decor

Go shabby-chic

If worn furniture, antique look and pastel hues define you – shabby-chic is your style. Shabby-chic style of décor is a timeless trend that never goes out of fashion and it can be both affordable and classy as long as you do it right.

  • If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, make over the furniture you have by painting it
  • Old dining room tables and chairs/chest of drawers look great painted in this style
  • You can’t go wrong with pastel colors. Creams and greys are timeless and classy and will give your home a luxurious feel
  • If you really want to commit to the shabby-chic trend, distressing the paint after it dries looks great. Do this by carefully distressing the furniture with sandpaper to give it this overall effect

Think Thriftily and Upcycle

Always think thriftily and upcycle what you already have at home. A perfect example would be some old wooden ladders that you have lying in the shed. Sand them, paint them, and voila, you have a new and entirely unique set of shelves. They work especially well for book and DVD storage.

  • Do you buy your fruit and/or wine in bulk, or know a shop that would donate you a crate? Crates are great as both storage and furniture. They’re bang on trend with the whole rustic/shabby-chic vibe too, which is great
  • If you have some prints that need to be framed, buy your frames from charity shops and decorate/paint them yourself
  • With some fine DIY skills and slight chopping and trimming can turn old bathtub into chair or lounger for your living space 
  • By removing the guts of an old tennis racket and fitting in a mirror instead, you can have a trendy mirror for the bathroom 
  • Upcycle old tires into charming and colorful garden planters by simply painting them modishly and placing them in the garden or along the pathway

Accessorize, it’s a Fun Way to Liven up 

Adding fresh accessories to your home is another way of transforming what you already have cost-effectively. You don’t need to go overboard spending into expensive wall decor or furnishing.

  • A new doormat will brighten up your doorway
  • Curtains can really change a room – Add a pop of color to a room, or alternatively go down the net curtain A top tip to get the most out of your net curtains is to hang fairy lights behind them for a cozy and magical effect
  • New throws and cushion covers will liven up a tired sofa
  • A quirky rug can help bring a room

Sometimes, your home doesn’t look as new as it should or as trendy as it can be. You can not afford it, especially if you’re looking for buyers for it. Chances are it’s the reason your home isn’t selling quickly. It may require a bit of DIY but it is absolutely possible and easy to upgrade your home on a budget and make a stark difference to the appearance without spending much.

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