Goldee Smart Light Switch

Goldee Smart Light Switch controls the ambient light levels and also the hue of light

 Goldee Smart Light Switch

Smart homes, which were only a concept some time ago,  are now becoming a reality. We have come across different sorts of smart home appliances and accessories including smart locks, smart irrigation system, smart smoke detectors, smart kettles and the list goes on and on. If all such daily used household products are becoming smarter and can be operated by a simple touch on your Smartphone or Tablet, then how can we expect the lighting system to stay away from the smart category. Thankfully the Goldee Smart Light Switch has added the lighting of the house to this smart department.

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Just like other smart devices, the Goldee Smart Light Switch is also app controlled and can be operated by your tablet or Smartphone. There is no need of wiring to install this switch as it is wireless enabled and it can also control the light levels at different times of day. The integrated motion sensors can detect your movements and so can lighten up your way during the middle of the night when you want to reach fridge for the midnight snack.

Besides acting like a normal on/off switch, the Goldee Smart Light Switch is also capable of creating the exact amount of light needed at the particular time of the day. for instance, at night the light will dim slowly and will then turn off automatically after you are asleep. In the morning when  you wake up, Goldee will turn on automatically, raising the light level slowly and also changing the ambient light color putting the bulbs through a sun-mimicking routine. It also comes with some professionally designed presets named as Autumn Park and Inspiration, which will make you feel relaxed. Just install a few smart bulbs and a Goldee Smart Light switch to make any or all of the rooms of your house smarter.

Of course these smart lighting switches won’t be cheap. The makers of Goldee are running a crowdfunding campaign in which are offered at the discounted rate of $250, instead of the planned retail cost of $350. If you want to include a few light bulbs too along with the switch, then it will cost you $450 whereas a complete kit with smart bulbs for four rooms will cost $1,699. So if you are planning some smart installations for your home, then Goldee Smart Light Switch should be one of them.

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