How Wooden Flooring Can Add to Your Home’s Essence and Decor

How Wooden Flooring Can Add to Your Home’s Essence and Decor

Looking for a way to add a little more prestige and class to your home? There are many ways for you to revitalize your home without breaking the bank. One way to make everything feel fresher is to simply swap the floors in your high traffic areas, where they are most likely to become worn and tired.

If you are considering wooden flooring as a replacement, here are a few different types and how they can add to the appeal of your interiors.

Use Real Wood Flooring, it’s Definitely The Right Choice

Real wood flooring definitely oozes with quality and if fitted correctly, it gives a professional look to any room it is in. Whether it is the bathroom, living area, hallway or kitchen, real wood flooring has its place in your home. 

Prices for real wood flooring can be a bit on the higher side, in comparison to other flooring types including laminate and vinyl, so you should consider whether this is the right option for you.

However, it is definitely worth investing in as it will last for many years to come if treated fittingly. It creates a stunning base which is literally the foundation of the room. Choosing the right one could transform your room without having to go through the process of a lengthy renovation.  

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How to choose hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring generally comprises thick timber planks, which last for a long time. These are more time consuming to install and require a professional to do it (unless you can back your woodworking and DIY skills). If not laid correctly, gaps can develop between two planks, which would make a creaking noise when you walk on them. Another downside, these have an issue with humidity, the planks can budge due to moisture and create wider gaps between each other.

Engineered hardwood is the new thing to go for, it is made with a thinner top layer and bonded with several layers to prevent the floor from expansion and contraction due to moisture. More so, it is slightly easier to install and maintain. If you are really looking for a prestige finish to your floors then real wood parquet flooring can also make a good choice.

Laminates Come in Different Styles and are Almost Woody

If you like the look of wooden flooring but cannot commit to the price, you should definitely consider laminate. There are many stylish laminate solutions out there which look as good as the real thing and are definitely worth investing in. Laminate resembles traditional hardwood very closely, in fact, it sounds like hardwood when you walk on it. With the right maintenance, laminate can last for years, it is very durable and looks just as good to the discerning eye as an expensive hardwood floor.

Why choose laminate?

It’s a good idea to upgrade home’s flooring with durable laminate flooring since it’s easy to install. Also, laminate flooring is water-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about accidental spills, splashes and of course moisture, laminate water-proof flooring is easy to maintain. This facet ensures you can install laminate flooring in rooms when you typically wouldn’t put hardwood.

Most homeowners are lately opting to install their own laminate flooring, this is since laminate planks are designed to interlock. This makes the flooring easy to install. Moreover, laminate flooring can be installed on all types of existing floors including concrete, wood, and tile.  

Wood Flooring is as Good as its Installation

In your head, you may already be thinking that fitting flooring could be a nightmare of a task. However, it doesn’t need to be if you make careful and sensible options in the planning stage. There are options for you to use click flooring (even with real wood options) that can take some of the stress away. 

Another option might be to actually get an individual or outside company to handle the installation for you. When it comes to installation, make sure you have a good quality underlay to place underneath your chosen floor. The cheapest option might not be the best as you may hear creaks when walking on it and have other issues as it ages. 

Upkeep is Easier than You Might Think

The general upkeep of wooden flooring is pretty easy. A light vacuuming and a clean with a microfiber cloth should be all it needs. Don’t mop your floors as this can cause water to trap in the wood, potentially warping it. All you need is a gentle but dry cleaning method to keep your floors looking as good as the day you laid them. It’s natural for hardwood flooring to lose its sheen over time due to exposure to sun or excessive use, instead of wasting money using paint or lacquer to re-color problem areas, you can simply use rugs

Don’t be put off by the amount of work wood flooring appears to need. You can very easily find high-quality wood floors which are certain to bring a little essence to your home.  

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