Interior design trends for 2020

Top Interior Design Trends 2020: Redecorate Home in Style This Year

A new decade is upon us and it’s time to update the style of our homes. Having followed the same design trends for the past ten years, you might be looking for fresh interior trends for 2020. The exciting thing about trend-seeking is to observe how materials, colors, and textures cohabitate with you during the years to come and adapt to your needs. home design trends for 2020 will center on well-being, comfort, and sustainability. These interior design trends are not only for homes but apply to commercial spaces as well.

As it is said “what goes around, comes around”, there will be a rebirth of many old design trends in the coming years. Retro and Art Deco will make a stylish comeback. There will be an abundance of unusual and new materials based on recycling, alternative technologies, and a well-balanced approach between nature and technology.

So, it is time to roll on a top paint shade, refresh the heart of your home with a new kitchen or add a new piece of art to your gallery wall. Try and incorporate the following stunning home decor trends to make your home warm and welcoming in 2020.

Reigning Colors in 2020

The new decade will be ruled by warmer, earthy tones of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre. Neutrals will be replaced by the natural, saturated, and jewel tones. Bold and bright colors will adorn tiles, cabinetry, and walls of your house. The more sophisticated evolution of Millennial Pink will be strong in 2020. A lot of soft peachy corals and terracotta – colors that feel soft yet grounded in earth tones, will dominate the coming months.

Soft and faintly retro shades of peach, pale pink, and pistachio will perfectly compliment the organic material selection. The deep yellow ochre is becoming a tonal peacemaker between full-on color and calm neutrals. A wide spectrum of blues, shades of terracotta, warm neutrals, pinks, and deep greens will make a stunning presence in 2020.

Pantone chose Classic Blue the Color of the Year 2020 and designers believe that it will dominate the interior design trends for the coming years.

Bright colors for 2020 interior design

Image: Italian bark

The color palette will comprise earthly tones

Image: Elle Decor

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Sustainability, Key in Design

Today, sustainability has become increasingly important. As society gravitates toward more eco-friendly lifestyles, people are more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever. There is a demand for an overall design sensibility as well as a desire to bring warm, earthy elements into a space.

Plastic items will be replaced by traditional leather, wood, and metal. The year 2020 will take the recyclables and give them a new lease of life. The natural materials will be used for the division of spaces and furniture. The room separators made of wood, wicker, or cane are becoming popular by the day and they truly look fantastic.

Recycled plastic is used to make future furniture

Image: Mater

Maximalism in Home Decor

The last decade has been an era of minimalism but it’s time to bring back the maximalist design. It is all about incorporating interiors with grandeur. Big, bold, bright colors and patterns, gaudy decor and colorful abstract paintings will be decorating the houses in the coming times.

This design trend has no fear of color combinations; in fact, the more outrageous the better. Use bold, bright, and saturated hues and experiment with clashing color palettes. Hot reds, pinks, and oranges prove to be maximalist favorites.

Maximalist is as much about fantasy and as it is about excess – vivid colors, showy patterns, decadent imagery, and rich design help creating that fantasy. Patterns and motifs can be just as bold and contradictory as color when it comes to maximalist design.

Redecorate Your House with These Refreshing Interior Design Trends for 2020

Image: Katie Lee

Over-sized paintings promoting maximalistic interior design

Image: Collected Interior

A Resurgence of Rattan and Wicker

Interior designers say that wicker and rattan furniture will see a resurgence. The materials have evolved in fresh and exciting ways, whether in chairs, tables, or lighting. It is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional styles. Rich textural expressions will be the theme of the upcoming decade with wicker, jute, and rattan leading the industry.

Perceived as humble – rattan, plywood, jute, sisal, hemp, and terracotta will be used more in the next years with rich textural expressions.

Rattan and wicker furniture

Image: Authentic Interior

Rattan and wicker furniture

Image: Good Housekeeping

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Rounded Furniture in Style

Classic furniture pieces will be re-edition and retro elements with new materials will make a significant presence in the coming months. To keep up with the natural materials, earthy tonalities and organic retro style, the shapes of the furniture will also evolve into soft and classic design.

Furniture clad in leather and velvet will be preferred and items with rounded edges and geometric shapes will dominate the 2020s. The classic furniture pieces will come back since real beauty and timeless style never die.

Rounded furniture

Image: Architectural Digest

Traditional Presence of Natural Materials

The traditional presence of natural materials such as marble, stone, wood, and crafty ceramic elements will be used more as a rich textural addition and a trendy element for future decor. These materials not only offer a natural and organic atmosphere for homes but add a tactile insertion for the composition of luxury space.

Natural materials continue to be a big trend in interior designs – from wood grain to beautiful stone and marble. The demand for natural, organic, and sustainable materials has its strong impact on all aspects of life. It allows traditions and unique technologies to be preserved and brings an upbeat beauty into any decor composition.

Marble accents in bathroom, furniture, home accessories and marble coverings.

Image: Authentic Interior

Marble accents in bathroom, furniture, home accessories and marble coverings.

Image: Authentic Interior

Gaudy & Natural Living Rooms

Adding a hint of thrill and luxury by introducing bronze, gold, and chrome metallic accents and details such as decorative elements, wallpapers, furniture, soft furnishing, mirrors, and accessories is very much in tune with the mood of modern design.

Heavy textiles, draperies, and velvet textures will have their renaissance in the home settings of the future. Velvet upholstery, hemp curtains, and furniture made of natural elements such as leather and wicker will make a classy comeback in 2020.

The beautiful metallic charm will stay strong in the coming times. The sparkle of the metallic accents goes magnificently with the rounded corners and oblong shapes, with the organic material palette and with the luxurious looking velvet upholstery.

The laid-back glamour of the ‘70s and ‘80s stylistics will make their way back to provide you the ultimate living room experience. The classic yellows, oranges, and browns are back with a contemporary twist. Large, modular furniture elements and Mid-Century Modern elements are also still a force in living room interior design trends.

Velvet couches will be popular in 2020

Image: Collected Interior

The color palette will comprise earthly tones

Image: Collected Interior

Upcoming Bedroom Trends

The canopy bed has made a huge comeback with a few changes. Many renowned designers and stylists have favored the four elongated posts that are connected above by a framework (which can be left open or draped) in the composition of trendy bedroom’s decor. The four-poster bed is a classic style, and you cannot go wrong with one of these beauties in your bedroom.

The platform beds are turning into an artistic trend. Designers create great variations of this fascinating structural construct. These days the platform beds are so creative and attractive that designers use them even in spacious bedrooms and apartments. They are so gorgeous that they are no longer just a function of limited urban dwellings.

Canopy Beds making a comeback

Image: Interiorzine

Canopy Beds making a comeback

Image: Architectural Digest

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Fresh Trends for Bathroom

Want to refresh your bathroom design? Try a luxurious soaking tub. According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, 38 percent of the homeowners added or replaced a bathtub as part of their master bathroom plan. It also reveals that almost 60 percent of people either chose a freestanding flat-bottom tub or free-standing claw-foot tub.

The size of showers is likely to increase as well. Natural stone – marble, granite, slate, or limestone is popular for these shower surfaces and ceramic or porcelain tiles are also a preferable choice for shower floor and shower walls.

Free-standing and claw foot bathtubs will be popular in coming years

Image: Good Homes Magazine

Non-White Kitchen

The kitchen is now the heart of the home, so any kitchen design should focus on transforming it into a space that’s not only for cooking, but for living, socializing, and entertaining too. Open-plan kitchens, which include dining areas and often living rooms as well, have gained popularity in recent times. If you have enough space, opt for a kitchen island that offers you great versatility – extra cooking space, as well as room for casual dining and socializing.

The all-white kitchens were a defining design trend of the last decade. But, designers are of the opinion that in 2020, there will be a shift toward two-tone kitchens. More natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves – all of which allow homeowners to keep a bright and airy vibe without restricting themselves to an all-white kitchen.

From subtle, grown-up shades of dark blue and green to fun, bold hues of pink and yellow, choosing a colorful kitchen will create a vibrant aura.

Non-white kitchens in 2020

Image: Forbes

More Than Just Table Lamps

Lamps, especially table lamps, have been an integral element of interior decoration for years. The year 2020 will bring new lamp designs and energy-efficient lighting to different homes. Get a swag fixture that compliments the colors of your existing interior decorations.

Lighting fixtures do more than just brighten up a room, they make a bold style statement. The wall-mounted and hanging lamps such as sconces and ceiling lamps will become increasingly available. These accents are ideal for anyone who wants to invest in statement lighting without the commitment of hard-wiring.

Lighting fixtures

Image: 2020 Spaces

Off-beat ceiling lamps

Image: Authentic Interior

Bold Trim and Wallpapered Ceilings

High contrast design is making a big comeback. It gives an otherwise more monochromatic room a crispness and a fresher take on neutrals. Bold black and white feel fresh yet timeless, especially in graphic or Art Deco-inspired patterns. Colorful and contrasting moldings and trim can create a beautiful space.

Wallpapered ceilings are yet another way to incorporate contrast into a room. It is a perfect space for wallpaper as it will not get damaged and the large expanse of space makes for a truly dramatic feature of any room. Wallpapered ceilings will be decorating powder rooms, bedrooms, and living spaces in the coming year.

Wallpapered ceilings

Image: Instagram @hyggeandwest

Biophilic Design Stays Put

The elements of the ‘great outdoors’ will infuse interior design in the coming years. The tropical trend for 2020 has evolved to include grounded earthy tones – mixing jungle vibes with natural materials and textures. Pampas grass is one of the biggest interior trends of the past year, and it will continue to adorn your house in the 2020s as well.

Biophilia is a new trend that incorporates human design and natural elements in a beautiful way. Over-sized indoor plants will contribute to your home’s organic aesthetic while promoting a clean, environmentally-friendly home.

Indoor Gardens

Image: Authentic Interior

Fun Prints Make a Comeback

Floral fabrics and wallpapers are other throwback-turned-contemporary trends to look forward to in the 2020s. Wallpaper trends today incorporate floral patterns of different sizes and color pallets. There is a strong attraction to vibrant colors like yellow and contrasting colors that will make your walls radiant. 2020 florals are an abstract chic rendition of this classic interior design.

The real embroidery, thick wool boucle, linens, and all other nature and craft inspired elements will be introduced into the modern arrangements. The unexpected and creative details like elaborately embossed wall coverings and papers allow surfaces to give a beautiful tactile sensation to modern ambiances.

Neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones

Image: Instagram @highfashionhome

Redecorate Your House with These Refreshing Interior Design Trends for 2020

Image: Liberty London

Faux Marble Gains Popularity

Natural materials continue to be a trend, however, where these materials don’t always meet the required levels of durability needed for the modern family home; ranges of realistic faux-effect finishes are becoming more and more popular.

From hard-wearing porcelain tiles to indestructible work surfaces, look at the benefits of these mock materials before you opt for the real thing.

Faux Marble will replace the heavy weight real marble

Image: Elle Decor

Geometric Patterns are Everywhere

Patterns, especially layered ones are becoming more prevalent for tabletop and textile designs. Geometric patterns will dominate the interior design trends for 2020. The geometric pattern has been on an upward trend. You can find this popular trend on everything around you – cups, notebooks, wallpaper, couches, bedding, art, floors, light fixtures, etc.

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In 2020, you can make a bold statement with vibrant geometric patterns. More classic or contemporary patterns for chairs and throws will embellish your home. You can also try geometric lighting, bathroom floor tiles or a thin-lined geometric wallpaper with a not so busy pattern.

Geometric patterns will dominate amny aspects in interior designing.

Image: Collected Interior

Several trends to expect in the year ahead, including dusky pastels and Art Deco-inspired lines

Image: Architectural Digest

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