Halloween decoration is as popular as ever with ghostly figures and dreadful objects hanging all over the house. Decorations can be done using some handmade items or simply by buying horrifying objects from stores if you don’t have enough time to DIY.

So far, we have shared with you ways to decorate home for the spookiest night of the year. This time around we have some crazy ideas for you to gild your front gate and fence with petrifying objects for Halloween. Check out these cool Halloween fence decoration ideas to add a frightening look to the entrance of your house.

Use Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the most common objects used for Halloween decorations. You can carve or paint your own pumpkins and hang them on the front gate or just place them on the fence. You can also use pumpkin lighting strips for a contemporary look. If you’ve dried pumpkins, use them to give a creepy look to the gate.

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Spiders and Webs

The easiest way to creepify your front gate and fence for Halloween is with spider web. You can use white yarn or spider web spray to weave a very authentic looking spider webs. Also, use some toy spiders to create a creepier look. If that’s not enough, you can use spider balloons or lights.

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Use Skeletons, Zombies, Ghosts, and Creepy Dolls

You can use props like skeletons, zombies, and ghosts to add a unique and ghastly look to your outdoor space. Throw a ghoulish Halloween party at your front gate. Apart from that, use creepy, bloody dolls that you can make yourself.

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Cats, Bats, and Ravens

If you don’t have a huge budget for Halloween decoration, you can use small props of cats, bats and ravens, or simply craft silhouettes using paper, cardboard or plywood. Place them near the entrance with a faint light to intensify the effect. It will definitely scare the hell out of your guests and passersby, giving them heebie-jeebies. A paper bat garland will complement the entire setup.

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Caution Halloween Fence Decoration

Put some cornstalks next to the fence, add spider webs and lighting. Finally, add caution tape to complete the look. You can also use some electricity-powered caution boards.

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Dangle up Entrance with Ghostly Goodies

DIY or purchase ghostly figures, fake flowers, ribbons, and balloons. You can also use scrap pallet wood or plywood to create wordings and other Halloween decorations.

You can also use motion sensor-powered Halloween props that will surely fright anyone who comes nearby. Hang a bag full of few goodies and candies to tempt neighborhood kids. As they come closer or put their hand inside the bag, the ghostly figure will move or buzz a horrifying sound that will break them into shivers.

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Halloween Sign!

Decorating the front gate and fence with Halloween wordings is a good idea. You can buy them from the market or make one using duct tape as Lena Sekine did. The design can be as big as the fence.

Image: Lena Sekine

Paint Halloween Decorations on the Fence

It is an easy way to prepare your fence or gate for Halloween but it would work only on a wooden fence. Use your painting skills and creativity to terrorize neighbors.

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Decorate Fence with Garlands and Wreaths

You can buy a variety of Halloween garlands and wreaths from the market and easily decorate your home and front gate with them. All you need is hang them properly.

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Eyes on the Fence

Imagine spooky eyes on the fence or gate staring at visitors and passersby. Just add some fake eyes all over the fence or gate to fright neighbors and kids. Using glow-in-the-dark eyes is even better.

Image: It All Started with Paint

Digital Halloween Fence Decorations

You can also use animated props to scare guests. A zombie jumping on the fence can scare anyone to death. You can also use a battery-powered Fogging Gargoyles or Halloween animatronics to scare off trick-or-treaters coming to your house.

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Try out these crazy and super-fun ideas to greet your guests this October 31. You’ll surely have an exciting Halloween night this time with these decoration ideas.

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