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best treehouse hotels in the world

20 best treehouse hotels in the world you wish you could live in

There is nothing more calming than falling asleep in one of the amazing treehouse hotels. Living in a treehouse is the best opportunity to get away from the city and connect with nature. Like us, if you ever dreamed about sleeping in a treehouse, then check out these 20 most amazing treehouse retreats around the world that offer stunning scenic views and a cozy night’s sleep. We hope our collection will inspire you for the next vacation!

Treehouse Point- Preston-Fall City

Treehouse Point- Preston-Fall City

Treehouse Point is beautifully constructed treehouse village situated amid forest alongside the Raging River. This is a great escape from everyday stress for classy families, couples and friend groups. This private event center and overnight retreat is a perfect spot for celebrating engagement, wedding birthday and business parties in a different style. You can book this dreamy abode directly from the Treehouse Point website.

Treehouse Point

Treehouse M on Mount Qiyun

Treehouse M is designed by LanD Studio

Treehouse M is designed by LanD Studio in a dense forest of Qiyum Mountain. It is built to provide couples an intimate and cozy space surrounded by splendid scenery of Qiyum Mountain. House’s exterior is made carefully using traditional Chinese designs with a contemporary interpretation. Living in the house, you will be the owner of a luxury living room, bedroom, bathroom and a small dining corner, which is enough for couples to take pleasure of their personal time.

Treehouse M on Mount Qiyun

Modular bamboo treehouse hotel by Penda

Modular bamboo hotel by Penda

It is just not a treehouse, but a huge bamboo hotel amid high green trees. This is a real architectural gem that was constructed in Vienna and Beijing with natural materials, for The Legend of Tent Competition in China. This eco-friendly treehouse hotel provides every luxury for a comfortable living. You can go and enjoy this eco-friendly vacation rental surrounded by the green lake whenever you want.

Modular bamboo hotel

The Bird’s Nest- Sweden

The Bird’s Nest- Sweden

Live in this bird nest and be a part of the surroundings. The Bird’s Nest treehouse hotel by Inrednings Gruppen in Sweden is magical abode that comfortably accommodates families with two kids. The exterior of the home is nothing more than a gigantic bird’s nest. On the other hand, interior is spacious enough to provide every amenity that is required for a comfortable living. You will able to book this unique treehouse for your family at just US$164 per night.

Bird’s Nest treehouse by Inrednings Gruppen Sweden

Multi-level Treehouse hotel – Devon, UK

Multi-level Treehouse- Devon, UK

Nothing is more exciting than living in a luxurious mansion atop the 200-year-old oak tree. Yes, you can experience it for real in the multilevel treehouse hotel on the grounds of Fox and Hounds in Devon, UK. The treehouse is marvelously nestled, six meters above the ground on the branches of an oak tree. The whole apartment is fully furnished with oak-hardwood-furniture. Equipped with all luxurious facilities, the dwelling offers a king-size bedroom, kid’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge area and a large terrace. At £245 per night (approx. US$417), it is a perfect retreat for small families. 

hotel Fox and Hounds treehouse

Meisters Irma treehotel – Italy

Meisters Irma treehotel – Italy

Meisters Irma treehotel is located in the commune of Merano, North Italy. The dream abode is magnificently erected among green trees bounded by a picturesque view of extended landscapes. The whole structure of the treehouse is constructed using fine quality woods, and the interior is furnished with classy furniture. This luxury dream mansion is specially built for couples who want to spend quality time in an isolated location. Stay in this magical treehouse only by paying €197 (around US$258 USD) for per night.

Irma treehotel – Italy

Charred-timber treehouse hotel by Snøhetta – Sweden

Snohetta builds charred-timber treehouse

This charred-timber treehouse hotel by Snøhetta is located amid the pine forest in Swedish Lapland. It is positioned 10 meters above the base in the crown of tall pine tree, supported by 12 columns. The treehouse features two bedrooms, a lounge, a bathroom and a netted terrace, that comfortably accommodate 5 guests. Sitting on the netted terrace, you can enjoy Northern Lights and delightful views of beautiful pine forest, covered with white snow during winters. This treehouse is an ideal stay for both summer and winter vacations.

Charred-timber treehouse in Sweden

Keemala treehouse hotel – Thailand

Keemala- Thailand treehouse

Stay in the magical collection of treehouses and villas nestled in lush Thai forest. The Keemala is Thailand’s most exotic resort that is located near the sights and sounds of Phuket beach. It features seven luxurious treehouses that are created with Thai craftsmanship. Along with the pleasant scenic views, you can enjoy specialty of Thai food and resort’s world-famous spa treatment. You can book with the resort by directly contacting the owners.

Keemala resort Thailand

N°1 in France by Les Ormes

N°1 in France by Les Ormes

N°1 treehouse hotels are situated at the heart of the 200-hectare park of Les Ormes. There are 30 wooden sheds in the park, three of which are hung on 9, 13 and 19 meters high trees. These three treehouses are a typical accommodation for the couples who are looking for a private spot for their honeymoon. You can own these treehouses for minimum one day at €195 (approx. US$214).

N°1 treehouses by Les Ormes

Playa Viva, Oceanfront treehouse hotel – Mexico

Playa Viva, Oceanfront treehouse – Mexico

Live in a minimalist treehouse on a beachside, built 6-feet above the ground amidst high palm trees. Playa Viva is an eco-friendly resort located in Juluchuca, offering clear views of the pristine Mexican beaches. The award-winning private treehouse is specially constructed for nature lovers to enjoy their time around serene oceanfront locations. Staying in Playa Viva, you will get luxurious comfort like a 5-star hotel. You can book a night in this amazing treehouse for minimum US$620.

Playa Viva treehouse Mexico

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter – Sweden

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter-Sweden

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter is a lightweight mirror cube up in the woods of Harads, Sweden. The square box home is clad in mirrored glass and looks beautiful when it reflects the surroundings and the sky, creating a camouflaged refuge. It is a perfect getaway for couples who are looking for a magical space to spend some alone time.

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter treehouse Sweden

Chateaux Arbres treehouses – France

Chateaux Arbres treehouses – France

Chateaux Arbres features three treehouses, named Milandes, Puybeton and Monbazillac on the dense and mysterious treetops of France. All three house looks like a castle, which are all created using oak grove. Staying in any one of these three dream tree mansions, along with all luxurious comfort, you will get a personal outdoor Jacuzzi too. You can stay in the treehouse of your choice for a minimum cost of €240 (approx. US$263) per night.

Chateaux Arbres treehouses

Silky Oaks Lodge River treehouse hotel – Australia

Silky Oaks Lodge River Treehouse- Australia

Step into the secret luxury world of the rainforest. Silky Oaks Lodge is an incredible resort in the jungle around Queensland, Australia’s Mossman Gorge River. This treehouse features a king size bedroom, living area, bathroom and a balcony overlooking the river. Polished timber floors and interior furniture make the treehouse stylish and comfortable. You can book this mansion directly from the Silky Oaks Lodge website.

Silky Oaks Lodge Treehouse- Australia

Cabanes Als Arbres – Spain

Cabanes Als Arbres- Spain

Cabanes Als Arbres is a small little hut perched on a pine tree in the northeast of Catalonia. It is basically a honeymoon resort that is beautifully constructed using wood. It features a luxury bed, bathroom and a deck from where you and your soulmate together can admire the delightful scenery of the mountains. The price per night for this dream treehouse is US$143 with breakfast.

Cabanes Als Arbres treehouse

Robins Nest treehouse hotel by Peter Becker – Germany

Robins Nest Treehouse by Peter Becker – Germany

Peter Becker built Robins Nest Treehouse, in the forest of Hesse, Germany. It is just not a single treehouse, but a village of treehouses. The tree house village consists of seven small huts, four of which are built on the ground and remaining three on the trees. The ball-shaped treehouse sleeps four, while the remaining two treehouses sleeps eight. All three tree sheds are connected by the wooden bridge and equipped with a composting toilet. The charm of these three treehouses will be unforgettable for couples who are planning a romantic date night.

Robins Nest Treehouse Germany

Lion sands Kingston treehouse hotel – South Africa

Lion sands Kingston treehouse-South Africa

Located in the thick forest of South Africa, Lion sands Kingston treehouse hotel lets guests experience the African wildlife – like lions, hippos, elephants, and giraffes, up close. Made of wood and glass, the treehouse hotel offers unforgettable views of African landscapes. To top it off, its interior is beautifully furnished with outstanding furniture. The Kingston Treehouse is available for US$235 per person, per night.

Lion sands Kingston treehouse-SA

La Torreluna treehouse hotel – Finca Bellavista

La Torreluna treehouse- Finca Bellavista

La Torreluna is a cozy treehouse hotel at the community base camp of Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica. It is made using bamboo, patio stone, and fine quality woods. The treehouse offers two balconies, an outdoor hot water shower, a queen-sized bed, and a sleeping loft for children. The design of this dreamy mansion is earthy, that keeps you connected with nature. There is no electricity and kitchen in the house, so you have to cook your food on a campfire outside. Living in this naturalistic treehouse is an ultimate fun that you can get by paying US$125 per night.

La Torreluna treehouse

Free Spirit Spheres treehouse hotel – Canada

Free Spirit Spheres treehouse-Canada

Eve, Eryn and Melody are the three Free Spirit Spheres treehouse hotels situated near Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada. These small spheres are the real treasures on the planet for couples and a family with two kids. The dwelling in a natural forest environment provides exceptional living experience and privacy to couples. You can stay in this unique accommodation by paying US$175 per night.

Free Spirit Spheres treehouse CA

Chewton Glen Tree House – Hampshire, UK

Chewton Glen Tree House – Hampshire, UK

Hampshire’ Chewton Glen Treehouse is situated 35-feet above the ground surrounded by charming green trees. It is the perfect retreat for families offering up to eight sleeps (including accommodation in the loft area for children), bathrooms in each suite, spa, private kitchen and a large terrace. The minimum price of this grand luxury treehouse is £2,100 (approx. US$2726).

Chewton Glen Treehotel

Camp at Twig Hut human nest

Campsite with Human Nest treehouse

If you like doing something adventurous, the Twig Hut treehouse hotel near a campsite is a perfect place for you. However, this human nest is not at all luxurious. Jayson Fan designed this unusual woven wood-art treehouse to give people an amazing experience of sleeping like a bird in the nest. Staying here will only get you a place to sleep in the cocoon with your partner as this is just a walk-in campsite. You need to bring your own sleeping bags and pillows for the night and pitch your tent nearby for safe refuge in case of wind or rain. The beautiful nest costs US$175 for two nights.

human nest treehouse near a campsite

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