15+Thanksgiving Tablecloth Ideas: Buy These for Graceful Table Layout

There is so much to consider when it comes to hosting a lavish Thanksgiving dinner. Apart from a delectable menu, you need to enhance the ambiance through decorations; and tablecloths are a great way to add a special touch to your holiday dinner table. There are plenty of tablecloths to rummage through for Thanksgiving.

Once you pick out a tablecloth, you can synchronize dinnerware, centerpieces, other linens like napkins, and accessories that need to go on the dinner table. There are plenty of options and it is easy to get confused while picking the appropriate tablecloth for Turkey Day. To save you time and offer some inspiration, we have listed a few of the best Thanksgiving tablecloths, which you can also use for Christmas.

Maple Leaves Tablecloth

The maple leaf pattern and lace fabric is absolutely gorgeous. It is a perfect pick for Thanksgiving decoration or everyday use. Brown maple leaves design warm the table setting and adds a vintage charm to the dinner table.

Price: $11.99

Image: Amazon

Coello Leaves Tablecloth

Perfect for seasonal decorations, this tablecloth features fall leaves and colorful berries. It is also suitable for everyday use during fall owing to its gorgeous patterns and colors.

Price: $13.99

Image: Wayfair

Spillproof Fabric tablecloth

Holiday dinners can be messy and there is no bound to Thanksgiving spills with drinks and gravies. This spillproof, solid-colored tablecloth can be quickly cleaned with a sponge or a napkin.

Price: $17.99

Image: Amazon

Plaid Tablecloth

Thankful for a plaid tablecloth? This one is for you. Suitable for Thanksgiving and more casual autumn dinners, you can get this gorgeous tablecloth for a year round table setting.

Price: $18.99

Image: Amazon

Autumn Tablecloth

The autumn patterns make this tablecloth a desirable option for a lovely and sophisticated Thanksgiving dinner table décor.

Price: $19.76

Image: Etsy

Harvest Tablecloth

This Benson Mills Harvest Tablecloth is perfect for your holiday décor. This luxurious printed tablecloth is a versatile pick that creates a look of simple, contemporary holiday elegance.

Price: $21.99

Image: Amazon

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Buffalo Check Tablecloth

Stylish and beautiful, this tablecloth bestows a rustic look to your dinner table and helps to create a shabby chic, modern country home vibe. The sophisticated Buffalo check tablecloth is made of premium quality cotton.

Price: $22.99.

Image: Macy’s

Autumn Spice Plaid Tablecloth

Made of 100 percent cotton, the Autumn Spice Plaid tablecloth is absolutely adorable and a perfect pick for people who love plaids. It is ideal for formal dinner parties, as well as family gatherings.

Price: $28.99

Image: Amazon

Damask Patterned Tablecloth

This patterned tablecloth offers a perfect blend of elegant style to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner table. The soft damask patterns with birds give this tablecloth an effortless beauty.

Price: $33.99

Image: Amazon

Embroidery Lattice Tablecloth

Opt for a more muted and warm look with this elegantly embroidered lattice pattern on a soft-hued cotton fabric that can work flawlessly in any season and for any occasion.

Price: $33.99

Image: Amazon

Paisley Tablecloth

Made with 100-percent cotton, this gorgeous paisley tablecloth is sure to brighten up your dinner table. This graceful tablecloth draws on the playful appeal of a lively paisley pattern, gracing the table with beauty.

Price: $42.09

Image: Amazon

Akins Tablecloth

Drape your tabletop with this beautiful Akins design tablecloth for any special occasion. The lace trimming on this gorgeous tablecloth adds glamor and ambiance to your décor.

Price: $43.99

Image: Wayfair

Block Print Tablecloth

This elegant tablecloth features scrolling vines, paisleys, and flowers. The intricate pattern is printed by hand that gives a warm, artistic feel to the dinner table setting.

Price: $58.50

Image: Pottery Barn

Pumpkin Farm Tablecloth

Stunning handmade block print tablecloth is ideal to pair with solid color dinnerware for a perfectly balanced Thanksgiving dinner table layout.

Price: $65.44

Image: Etsy

Ruffled Linen Tablecloth

Plain, simple, and Tasteful. These are the words that come to mind upon looking at this ruffled linen tablecloth. It is ideal for family dinners and parties; it can also be used every day.

Price: $94

Image: Etsy

Autumn Plymouth Turkey Tablecloth

These festive linens with imprinted turkeys in full plumage amid a landscape of fall foliage are an absolute favorite for decorating the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Price: $129.94

Image: Williams Sonoma

Vintage Floral Jacquard Tablecloth

This Jacquard floral tablecloth is the definition of soft and subtle elegance. The vintage floral pattern makes it an ideal pick for gracious dining all year round.

Price: $149.95

Image: Williams Sonoma

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