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Wireless Pain Relievers by Philips

Philips launches wireless pain relievers to improve chronic muscle pains

Chronic muscle pain sufferers have to go for persistent medication for rest of their lives. But drugs do have certain side-effects, other than the benefits. To get rid of these lifelong medications, Philips has come up with two amazing wireless drug-free pain relievers- BlueTouch and PulseRelief. BlueTouch is a patch with blue LED light to alleviate back pain, this blue LED stimulate nitric oxide in the target area and increase blood circulation towards the affected area. It is a reliable and ...

Ancient Art of Stone

Couple creates swirling rock wall murals for both indoors and outdoors

Tired of boring walls and old wallpapers on them? Well, Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl, Vancouver-based couple and owner of Ancient Art of Stone, have unique stone patterns for your walls. They both specialize in building stunning wall murals, fireplaces and mosaic patterns from a wide cluster of stones, pebbles and other decorative elements. Hundreds of small stones and pebbles are stacked together to form these astonishingly graceful free flowing stone spirals and waves. The swirling patterns ...

Bluetooth-enabled Pendant Lamp by Terence Woodgate

Terence Woodgate’s Bluetooth-enabled cylindrical pendant lamps

England-based lighting brand Terence Woodgate has launched Solid Collection of cylindrical pendant LED lamps and surface-mounted downlights this year. These lamps not only come in elegant designs but also with Bluetooth technology for controlling functions of these lighting fixtures from any corner of the house. Solid collection comes with a mobile app that supports all Bluetooth-enables smartphones and tablets to on/ off and dimming of the lighting within your house. These lighting fixtures ...

World’s first high-efficacy OLED light panels by LG Chem

World’s first high-efficacy OLED light panels to compete with LEDs

LG Chem has introduced the world’s first high-efficacy OLED (Organic light emitting diode) panels that can compete against LEDs for smart lighting solutions. OLEDs are better than LEDs due to their high luminous efficacy rate of 100 lumens per watt and long lasting performance with 40,000 hours of lifetime, whereas, LEDs can work only for 20,000 hours with only 60 lumens per watt. OLED (Organic light emitting diode) is made from organic (carbon based) materials that emit light when ...

TCL 110-inch Curved UHD TV

TCL launches massive 110-inch China Star Curved UHD TV in Berlin

TCL- Chinese TV manufacturer has unveiled the world’s first 110-inch China Star Curved UHD TV at IFA 2014 in Berlin. It comes with high resolution power of 3,840 x 2,160 to provide incredible image clarity that can create 3D effects sans any 3D glasses. The screen is anti-glare and offers 55-degree field views even from three meters of distance. Furthermore, it is equipped with exceptional backlight technology that cleverly dims certain areas of the display while keeping other areas bright ...

Airbutlr Housekeeping Drone

3D-printed AirButlr is your personal housekeeping drone

Housekeeping is something that is necessary but no one really likes to get their hands dirty in the process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a personal butler or better a robotic assistant to do all the cleaning? Well, it is actually possible with the Airbutler that is the latest 3D-printed drone to keep your home clean and tidy all the time. It is designed by the creative team of two designers- Wouter Nuytten and Thomas Broekaert to complete basic household tasks with push of a ...

Free-standing Kitchen by Piotr Domanski

Add counter space in your kitchen with Four Boards’ free-standing platform

One of the common problems in small kitchens is the lack of counter space. To break the monotony Four Boards, Poland-based specialists in handmade furniture, has created an innovative and versatile free-standing kitchen that is part of their 100% Love collection of furniture. It is designed by Piotr Domanski into minimalist layout for small homes to increase extra space with added adaptability. The kitchen platform comprises of American walnut, lacquered plywood and minimum-density fiber for ...

Man Builds Indoor Playhouse for his Cats

Man builds crazy indoor playhouse for his feline friends in 15 years time

If you think you’re a crazy cat lover, think twice because you will not be able to beat this guy’s love for his cats. Greg Krueger from southern Minnesota has built a ridiculously elaborate indoor playhouse for his four cats. Krueger was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 49, but this form of autism gave him immense focus that he used in constructing nearly 100 yards of catwalks through every room in his house. Krueger lives alone and has no other friends except his four feline ...

3D-printed Lamp and Clock Collection by Samuel N. Bernier

3D-Printed collection of lamps and clocks inspired by three cities

Samuel N. Bernier, Canadian industrial designer and owner of Fabshop, has created a collection of 3D-printed lamps and clocks for an international furniture event to be hosted by Maison & Objet. The designs of lamps and clocks of each collection are inspired by three famous cities that hosts event for Maison & Objet – Paris, Miami and Singapore. The Paris collection is inspired by famous French landmark- the Eiffel Tower, and the Florida collection reflects the designer’s ...

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