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Beach Hampton by Bates Masi Architects

Beach Hampton: Timber-clad beach house by Bates Masi Architects

This stunning timber-clad beach house dubbed Beach Hampton in Long Island was developed by New York-based Bates + Masi Architects. The site is just 150-meters from the shore of Atlantic Ocean with magnificent landscape views. The design of the house is somewhat angular that funnels outwards to maximize living space on a small plot in the popular New-Yorkers’ holiday spot of the Hamptons. The two-story beach house with timber-clad walls rests on a concrete podium. As the house is built on ...

Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner

Close Comfort 350-watt personal AC for both indoor and outdoor use

Tired of spending money on high energy bills due to air conditioners? Well, Australian inventor Professor James Trevelyan has probably brought an easy solution for you in form of the Close Comfort personal air conditioner that utilizes less than 350-watt energy to operate. This means it requires the same amount of energy used to power two ceiling fans, which is quite low compared to conventional air conditioners. It is a pioneering patented innovation for effective cooling for up to two ...

Begin Chair by Pilates Instructor Maria Mankin

Begin Chair transforms sitting at desk into an active experience

You may be aware that sitting for long duration is likely to increase various health related issues from obesity to cardiovascular diseases. To combat the problem designers from all over the world are trying to create innovative yet comfortable standing desks. But if you’re looking for a solution to battle dangers of sitting without compromising comfort of a chair, then Begin Chair is the best piece of furniture for you. Pilates instructor Maria Mankin has collaborated with Balanced Body, ...

Flow Hive

Flow Hive collects honey from beehives at single push of a button

Beekeepers have to face many difficulties such as dealing with smoke guns, hot knives, wax centrifuge, etc. while harvesting honey; even many bees die during honey extraction. To combat the problem- Stuart and Cedar Anderson, Australia-based father and son duo, have contrived a revolutionary beehive dubbed Flow Hive that easily extracts honey at single push of a button without disturbing the bees inside. It is basically a rectangular wooden block, which provides the bees with ...

Soybots Mobile Robotic Platforms

Soybots help indoor plants to survive when you’re not home

Do your indoor plants often die due to lack of nourishment and inappropriate sunlight? Don’t worry, as McMullen and Fabian Winkler, associate professors from Purdue University have created a convenient solution in form of Soybots. The Soybots are nothing but mobile micro-gardening robots that allow indoor plants to search for light using built-in sensors. There mobile robotic platforms feature built-in light sensors to track sunlight intensity or to locate LED lights within a room, so the ...

MyChai Electronic Tea Maker

MyChai electronic tea maker brews your favorite flavored tea on the go

Although there are numerous tea lovers across the globe, but they cannot enjoy their favorite cup of tea on the go due to its complicated brewing process. This is because there is no availability of any infuser cup like Hey Joe coffee mug that can help you make a hot cup of tea while travelling. To solve the problem- enters MyChai, a pocket-sized tea maker designed by Uttara Ghodke, Indian industrial designer from MIT Institute of Design. The portable device appears somewhat like e-cigarette, ...

Floating Coiled Walkway by Zalewski Architecture

Floating coiled walkway between office buildings for visual retreat

Within today’s busy lifestyle and hectic work schedule, it becomes nearly impossible to take out time for private retreat or simply walk through pleasant street. To make life more comfortable at office, Polish studio Zalewski Architecture has created grassy coiled walkway that hovers above center courtyard surrounded by certain office buildings in Gliwice, Poland. The suspended walkway has added a natural touch of greenery to the former dull grayish courtyard. This curled up structure of ...

Frozen Melt and Recreate Lamp

Frozen pendant lamp constantly drips to be recreated by the user

Swedish designers Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergfeldt have created Melt and Recreate pendant lamp for amazing user and product interaction. This frozen pendant lampshade is designed to bring the user closer to the creation and witness complete life cycle of a product, while adding visual retreat into a living room. Designers have cleverly formed the lethal combination of water and electricity for more practical day to day use. The lighting fixture is enclosed within frozen water and ...

Immersis 180-degree VR Projector

Immersis 180-degree VR projector brings virtual reality into your living room

So far, the virtual reality gaming experience has been limited to Samsung and other headset gears by renowned companies for providing the VR action only to a single person for personal entertainment. To bring virtual reality experience to more than one person at a time, French start-up Catopsys has teamed up with Paris R&D arm of media agency Ogilvy to create Immersis 180-degree VR projector. The VR projector can easily connect to your computer and beam content in 180-degrees within any ...

iViTi ON LED Light Bulb

iViTi ON LED bulb doesn’t leave you in dark even during power cut

We’ve seen many smart light bulbs so far, but all of them stop working when main power goes off and leaves us searching nearby flashlights. UK-based lighting manufacturer iViTi Lighting Ltd. has solved the problem with their latest iViTi ON LED bulb. The light bulb uses a battery to keep itself on so that you can see clearly during an outage. It is designed with standard light bulb and screw base layout, but incorporates an internal battery that stores juice to remain lit up during power cut. ...

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