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Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik

Turn your kitchen into oceanic wonder with aquarium cooking island

Today we are going to acquaint you to an ultimate luxury kitchen island called the Ocean Kitchen that doubles up as an aquarium. It is designed by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik to turn your cooking space into an exclusive oceanic wonder that will definitely become heart of your home. The kitchen island features an enormous aquarium with L-shaped slab of Corian on its top surface. The slab is equipped with a cooking stove, a sink and ample storage space for keeping all your necessary ...

Capsule Aquarium

Capsule Aquarium uses Wireless electricity to power robotic fish inside

Most of the kids are delighted to have an aquarium of their own, as their faces light-up when they see their tiny friends swim around in the water. But, because of a poor maintenance, the fish often dies early and the parents are left to see the sadden faces of the kids. If you are willing to get an aquarium for your kids, but don’t have enough time to properly take care of the creatures inside, then you can get home the Capsule Aquarium designed by Sphere corporations, which has robotic fish ...

Terra CA Series Flush Mount Speakers

Terra CA series Flush Mount Speakers can withstand all climatic conditions

US-based manufacturers of high quality indoor and outdoor speakers- Terra has recently unveiled its latest CA series of Flush Mount Speakers that can withstand all climatic conditions without compromising its sound quality. Each speaker comes in bezel-free design with edge-to-edge powder coated aluminum micro perforated grilles. Since no magnet or steel is used in its design, the speakers will never corrode irrespective of any weather conditions. The CA series is IP65 rated and is suitable to ...

WiFi-activated Feeder by LittleBits

WiFi-activated feeder lets you feed your pet even when you’re not home

DIY electronic projects supporter- littleBits has created a new WiFi-activated feeder that allows you to feed your pets from any corner of the world, simply by using your internet-connected smartphone or laptop. The feeder ensures that it feeds your pets (fish, cat or dog) immediately when you press a button on your smartphone or automatically through IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a service to connect various web apps through simple conditional statements for better function of your ...


HydroGuard easily fixes on the door to prevent your house from flood

There are many flood prevention systems out there, but all of them requires permanent alterations on your property for installation. These permanent changes for avoiding flood needs lot of money and causes damage to your house if you ever plan to remove them. So, to provide you an easy solution to avoid flood water to enter inside your house a compact flood protection solution is created in form of the HydroGuard. HydroGuard is small and affordable stainless steel barrier that can be fixed on ...

Robin William's Vineyard Estate

Robin William’s waterfront Vineyard Estate is on sale for $30 million

Actor and comedian Robin Williams’ 65,000-square feet Vineyard Estate located at Napa Valley, California is back on the market for sale since April 2014. The actor took the property off the market after his failed attempt to sell it for $35 million in 2012, but it has again hit the market with an asking price of exactly $29.9 million and is being represented by Cyd Greer and Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker Previews International. This amazing waterfront villa has a royal exterior painted in ...

Bathroom made of Belgian Chocolate

Complete bathroom suite made of 100-percent Belgian chocolate

Have you ever fantasized of living in a house made of chocolate or ice cream? If yes, then your fantasy has become a reality as UK-based Company Bathrooms in collaboration with the famous chocolaterie Choccywoccydoodah has created a bathroom collection made completely of 100-percent Belgian chocolate. Sounds delicious, right? This actually delicious bathroom can be yours for £80,000 (approx. US $133,000). The fun idea to create this chocolaty bathroom came when Bathroom’s e-trailer team ...

Dynamo Showerhead

Illuminate your bathroom with water-powered Dynamo Showerhead

Bathrooms are no more untouched with technology in today’s trending scenario of unique bathroom fittings with hi-end technicalities. UK-based designer of luxury bathroom fittings and accessories- Crosswater has also created something technical with advanced features in form of the latest Dynamo Showerhead, which is powered by its own water turbine. This simple yet elegant shower head doesn’t need electricity to power the LEDs, as the flow of water passing through the turbine creates energy ...

Solaris Table by Lara Bohinc and Lapicida

Solaris Table inspired by orbital movements of solar planets

London-based jewelry designer Lara Bohinc in collaboration with well-known stone specialist Lapicida has created the Solaris Table that is inspired by orbital movements of planets in our solar system. This beautiful piece of furniture combines all elements of luxury, precision and brilliant craftsmanship of designers from both these famous companies. The table is handmade with four Italian marble rings stacked one over the other. The outer circle of each ring is brass-plated for a classy touch ...

Splinter Works Vessel Series

Splinter Works’ astonishing Vessel Freestanding bathtub and wash basin

In the world dominated by white bathroom fittings and accessories, London-based studio Splinter Works has come up with its Vessel series offering dark sophisticated bathroom designs using carbon fiber. After the whooping success of the company’s Vessel Hammock Bathtub, their designers have expanded the series by unveiling something more impressive in form of the Vessel Freestanding Bathtub and Wash Basin. Both bathtub and wash basin are made by carbon fiber weaving that has given it stylish ...

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