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BFF ConsoleTables by Vick Vanlian

BFF Console Tables by Vick Vanlian playfully acknowledge women’s fashion

As part of Private Session Collection by Lebanese designer Vick Vanlian, the vivacious BFF Console Tables are designed to reflect women’s beauty and their love for fashion. The pop-art-inspired range of tables pay homage to the language of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami, meanwhile serves as functional furniture for storage and to display home decor objects. Base of each console boasts gorgeous leggy look of a woman, showing off her gorgeous high heel pumps. The legs and heels are painted in ...


Vintage Industrial Crank Tables are perfect for classic and modern homes

Homeowners seeking minimalist yet stylish furniture to spruce up their dining or office space are in luck, as Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer Vintage Industrial has come up with industrial Crank Tables for both classic and modern homes. These vintage-inspired table designs boast streamlined machine-like base, adding chic trait into any interior. These table designs not only have exclusive appearance, but also meet the needs of functionality. Check out three exquisite table designs, which ...

Edible Chocolate Lego Bricks by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Akihiro Mizuuchi turns melted chocolate into edible Lego bricks

Colorful Lego bricks and delicious chocolates have nothing in common, but Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has cleverly connected both in form of edible chocolate Lego bricks. These edible Lego bricks are created by pouring melted white, milk and dark chocolates into specific molds, cooling them off, and then popping out delicious Lego pieces. These chocolate bricks are even functional, as the artist has created few adorable teddies out of these savory building blocks. Like conventional Lego ...

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief hits the road again with upgraded aerodynamic styling

Thought there is nothing better than old airstream campers? After looking at the new mirror-shiny Bowlus Road Chief you’ll surely forget the luxury airstream trailers. As this latest airplane-inspired trailer is the coolest campervan you’ll see today. Not only that, but this improved version of classic Road Chief also integrates advanced technology to satisfy on-the-go travelers in digital era. Nearly 80 years ago Hawley Bowlus created the first all-aluminum riveted travel trailer. ...

Omnioutil Bucket

Hachiman’s colorful Omnioutil buckets double up as a stool

Designed by Japanese brand Hachiman, the Omnioutil buckets were created nearly 20 years ago and truly stand the test of time, as they are still the best to suit modern-day standards. At first glance, these colorful buckets look good enough for everyday use, but they offer endless possibilities. You won’t believe how strong it is. All thanks to their lids, these buckets can double up as a stool that can hold up to 330 pounds. The buckets are made out of polypropylene and resemble corrugated ...

Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Add some spunk to your interior with Explosion Cabinet

Yesterday, we featured Sebastian Errazuriz’s interactive Wave Cabinet, which opens up like a paper fan. Errazuriz is New York-based renowned artist and designer who always come up with some eye-catching cabinet designs. Here’s another originative piece of furniture called Explosion Cabinet, which abstractly opens up to form eruptive decor object. This cabinet is divided by central seam and consists of few wooden slats supported by glass ends and stainless steel base. Using complex ...

Stokke Home Collection

Stokke baby furniture grows with your child, from baby to tween years

As a result of limited space in your house, are you looking for transformable nursery furniture that lasts far beyond baby years? If yes, then Stokke’s latest Home furniture collection is the perfect fit. This is because it is the line of transforming furniture that includes four major units such as cradle, changer, dresser and crib in shape of a house. All these furniture pieces are designed to be transformed to suit changing needs, as your baby grows. The cradle can be used as simple ...

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner to make your workspace dust-free

We’ve already seen world’s first 3D printed vacuum cleaner in shape of a vase for proper cleaning of your house. But what about cleanliness of your working desk? Instead of purchasing expensive vacuum cleaner for workspace, Loann Boudin, a French student and Instructables user, has created a 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner using few recycled materials. To begin with, Boudin gathered certain objects such as RE-140 DC motor (commonly found in toys), old USB Apple cable from iPhone 5, 6 x ...

Bionic Sideboard by Piurra Design

Interactive Bionic Sideboard features twirling hexagonal facets

Artistic furniture pieces are not only functional, but also add decorative charm to any interior. The interactive Bionic Sideboard by Rui Viana, Portugal-based designer from Piurra, is one such aesthetical as well as practical furniture design. Viana teamed up with Luis Filipe Fernandes to create this elegant wooden furniture for Art On Chairs 2014-15. This eccentric cabinet sideboard features pixilated front with rotating hexagonal facets strung on rods. These twirling hexagons looks somewhat ...

Freescale's Radio Frequency Oven

Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven is revolutionary take on microwave cooking

In the digital era, technology is evolving rapidly to make our lives smarter and more convenient. But, microwaves have not seen any riotous innovation since ages, until now. Freescale Semiconductor has come up with a revolutionary concept to upgrade microwave cooking with latest solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology. Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven uses radio frequency (RF) emitters, which are derived from similar technology that’s used for powering cellphone towers. Conventional ...

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