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Five best green vacuum cleaners

Five best green vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been a part of every home for over a decade now. These dirt-sucking monsters clean your dwelling in just a few minutes. But, have you ever thought of the amount of electricity they consume to give you a sparkling, dirt-free house? Your home friendly vacuum cleaners aren’t very environment friendly. So, why not replace them with the eco-friendly ones. Here we have listed five best green vacuum cleaners that help you clean with ease, and reduce environmental impact. # ...

Sol Duc Cabin by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects

Sol Duc Cabin: 350-square feet prefab shelter resting on steel stilts

Designer Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects has built a small two-story cabin in about 350-square feet area near hot springs of Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington. It is designed for a client who usually fly-fishes on the Olympic Peninsula who wanted a low-maintenance shelter for himself and his wife. The entire structure rests on four stainless steel stilts, which raise the shelter off the ground to prevent it from occasional flood in the nearby river. (more…) Recommended for ...

£3000 home by Dayne Bendle

Dayne Bendle builds himself a £3,000 home with a lofted bedroom

Previously, we introduced you to Angus Hughe – a CQ University student who built his own student pad using recycled timber pallets. Today we bring you another intriguing story of a 23-year-old farmhand who built a beautiful small home without any prior experience of construction. Dayne Bendle from Winkleigh, Devon, built himself a home that cost him just £3,000 (US$ 5,100). After seeing rapid surge in price of homes, Bendle realized that he won’t be able to buy himself a home with just ...

One With The Birds Bamboo Hotel by Penda

Penda’s modular bamboo hotel connects you with nature

This amazing bamboo hotel is designed by Penda, a design collective based in Vienna and Beijing, for the AIM The Legend of Tent Competition in China, which challenged architects to develop sustainable hotel structure providing closer connection with nature. So, Penda came up with ‘One with the Birds’ design that truly lives up to its name as it literally allows guests to sleep closer to birds living in surrounding trees. It is basically a flexible hotel that can be easily constructed or ...

bbqube Outdoor Kitchen by Michael Schmidt for OCQ

OCQ Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen: Fully functional kitchen for your lawn

We all are fascinated by the idea of living outdoors, may be this is the reason we always tend to move out of our houses for outdoor picnics, camping or simply grilling at lawn. To make your outings more exciting Germany-based designer Michael Schmidt of OCQ, a kitchenware manufacturer, has recently created the Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen that blends the art of barbecuing with entire process of cooking. It is not only made for barbecue, but also to bring the entire process of cooking from food ...

Five green lawn mowers

Five green lawn mowers guaranteeing effortless mowing

There’s nothing better than enjoying the morning sun while sipping your favorite coffee in the lush green garden. But, maintaining an alluring and healthy lawn is a task in itself. If you have ever spent a morning mowing your lawn, you would know exactly what I mean. Mowing a lawn is not just a strenuous job, but the filthy emissions coming out from the monstrous mowers are harmful for you and your environment. So, why not switch to lawn mowers that help you keep your lawns in good shape ...

5 green daybeds

Five Green daybeds to curl up in comfort

Daybeds are a cross between couch, chaise lounge and a bed. Courtesy the lounging and reclining comfort offered by daybeds both indoors and outdoors, these definitely deserve to be part of your home/patio décor. Generally made out of wood and metal, daybeds are also made from recycled materials. For all environmentally conscious homeowners, we have compiled a list of five most excitingly green and comfortable daybeds.  (more…) Recommended for You ...

KARA BBQ grill by Cesarré

KARA BBQ grill by Cesarré doubles as a beautiful sculpture

Just a few days ago, we came across a portable BBQ suitcase that unfolded into a tiny charcoal BBQ grill and can be carried along with you to prepare grilled food for two just about anywhere. However, if you are looking for something bigger and more elegant, then you must take a look at this modern sculptural BBQ grill dubbed KARA. Designed by French company Cesarré - famous for creating designer outdoor home decor items, this big outdoor grill lets you enjoy a convivial moment with ...

Spirit Shelter by Allergutendinge

Spirit Shelter is small mobile space designed for self-contemplation

This tiny pod is designed by architects of Allergutendinge, Germany as a mobile retreat for an individual to spend time alone, close to nature. The Spirit Shelter can be easily assembled or disassembled and shifted to any desired location. It provides a minimalist space for working, contemplation and self-discovery of inner thoughts through meditation. Moreover, the shelter allows the user to explore surrounding natural environment. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Too Much Table by Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Monge

Too Much is a sculptural table made from burning Euros

This table doesn’t really look like an ordinary piece of furniture, isn’t it? Well, it is a sculptural master piece called Too Much Table created by two artists Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Monge, to bridge the gap between contemporary art and design. Unique design of the table is meant to provoke a deep thought around significance and value of money, time and people altogether. ...

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