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Cloud Showerhead by Meneghello Paolelli Associates

Cloud Showerhead creates relaxing atmosphere with playful rain-like effect

We’ve already seen many technological showerheads that are to make you relax while bathing. But, Italian bathroom fittings manufacturer Fima Carlo Frattini collaborated with designer Meneghello Paolelli Associates to make your bathroom environment more natural and relaxing. Together they came up with the Cloud Showerhead that beautifully evokes evanescence of natural clouds through its unusual shape and light effects. It’s aptly named due to its cloud-like sinuous, asymmetrical shape that ...

$195 Million Palazzo di Amore Becomes Most Expensive House on Sale

Palazzo di Amore becomes the most expensive house on sale for $195M

Few months ago, Le Palais Royal in Florida was listed as the most expensive house for sale in U.S. with asking price of about $139 million. But the latest entry i.e. Palazzo di Amore (Palace of Love) in Beverly Hills has broken its record with $195 million price tag, which only super-rich can afford. The priciest home for sale in the U.S. is listed under agents Joyce Rey and Stacy Gottula, of Coldwell Banker Previews International. The gigantic estate is built over 25-acre land including a ...

Secret Restaurant at Gamble House by Bob Dornberger

Secret Restaurant at Gamble House urges diners to eat not shoot

Taking photographs of your meal before tasting it has become an annoying 21st century trend. Thankfully, artist Bob Dornberger thinks that food must be eaten rather than clicking its snaps. Dornberger has taken a stand against guests who unnecessarily shoot photos of the served meal by collaborating with the Secret Restaurant at Gamble House in Pasadena, California. The restaurant is installed with a conveyor belt, made of metal and scrap aluminum powered by an industrial motor, that will ...

Amazon Hotel Booking Site 2015

Amazon hotel booking site rumored to go live in 2015

Seems like the renowned e-commerce giant Amazon wants to insert its finger in another pie. The fresh delicious pie is reportedly its own travel service featuring hotel booking site that will go live in early 2015. The site will include a list of selected hotels within major cities of USA such as New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. According to a report, the company is expected to include range of hotels within a few hours’ drive from aforementioned cities. This is done with the aim ...

Gwyneth Paltrow Gold-plated Kitchen Tools as Christmas Gift

Gwyneth Paltrow suggests gold-plated kitchen tools as lavish Christmas gift

Holiday season has already begun and to make it more interesting and stylish Iron Man star Gwyneth Paltrow has published a lavish Christmas gift guide on her website Goop. This exotic list includes ridiculously expensive gold-plated kitchen tools that only filthy rich can afford. Have a look at the lavish kitchen equipments that you can present this Christmas to your loved one, only if you’ve got enough money to splash out. Dualit 24-carat gold-plated cordless kettle This is definitely ...

Turbaya Multi-functional Light in Shape of Gramophone

Turbaya multi-functional light in elegant shape of a gramophone

Remember the old times when gramophone was the only source for listening music? Sadly, the beautifully crafted equipment has no use in today’s tech savvy world. But, Hungary-based lighting manufacturers Intueri Light think differently so, they’ve designed a multi-functional light dubbed Turbaya in shape of a gramophone. The versatile lamp can become a striking wall light, table light or ceiling light, to grace up any living space with its unique style. It is handmade from brass, copper, ...

Ocean Spiral Futuristic Underwater City

Ocean Spiral: Japanese blueprint of futuristic deep underwater city

Forget futuristic space homes, as Japanese engineering company Shimizu Corporation has envisioned striking futuristic deep underwater city dubbed Ocean Spiral. The firm wanted to explore the natural unknown blue world so decided to build housing complex that twirls deep into the ocean. According to the firm, around 5,000 people could live and work within this modern day spherical Atlantis, which measures about 500-meters in diameter. It is anticipated to form a 15-kilometer path along with the ...

Kaleido Multi-colored Lighting String

Kaleido multi-colored LED string to decorate your Christmas tree

Still thinking about Christmas tree decorations for December 25? Have a look at the striking Kaleido multi-colored LED string by Quirky user TimeTraveler to spruce up your Christmas tree. The string features 50 varicolored LEDs that can easily be controlled via mobile app that supports all Android and iOS smartphones. The lighting effects along with color of each bulb can be controlled individually using your smartphone, moreover the illuminating strand can sync with your favorite party songs ...

eCozy Self-regulating Thermostat

eCozy self-regulating thermostat comes with touchscreen control panel

We’ve seen few smart thermostats for central home heating with advance features. But, German startup eCOzy smart heating solutions has launched a unique self-regulating thermostat that observes your routine behavior and adjusts itself accordingly to regulate heat inside your house. The intelligent device itself turns off when you’re not home, thus saves energy by not heating any area unnecessarily when no one is around. It consists of three components: thermostat, app and central unit; all ...

Katris Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture by Papercut Lab

Katris modular cardboard cat furniture framed with Tetris-like entities

Why to buy separate cat condo and cat scratcher, when your adorable furry friend can get benefits of both in one Katris modular cardboard cat furniture. It is made by a creative design team at Papercut Lab and consists of different sturdy cardboard shapes that assemble together in varying structures just like the game Tetris allows you to form endless configurations. Each piece is created from 100-percent recyclable cardboard shaped into various figures, using non-toxic starch-based adhesives ...

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