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Underestimated Risks of Ethanol Fireplaces

Are you aware about unforeseen risks of ethanol fireplaces?

Ethanol fireplaces have gained popularity over the years because they are not only decoratively lightweight and easy to install, but are also considered eco-friendly. However, recent studies by Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI in Braunschweig, Germany have proved that ethanol comes with certain underestimated risks, which are unknown to most of us. These ethanol fireplaces put both environment and human health at potential risk, as ethanol and air together forms a highly combustible ...

Evander Broekman's Collection of Luxury Safes

Evander Broekman reveals high security certified collection of luxury safes

Filthy rich are adding more dollars into their bank accounts and enjoy infinite number of luxuries throughout, but due to this the need of high-end securities and safes has also increased to protect their valuables. To avoid the safety risks of your valuables, Evander Broekman- specialist and advisor in the design and manufacture of high end fine jewellery, watches and diamonds, has heartily announced the launch of an exclusive collection of high security certified luxury safes. The collection ...

Smart Home Startup- Leeo

Creators of Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to launch ‘Smart Home’ Startup

There is good news for smart home savvy homeowners as two big giants behind Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to jump into smart home market. They raised over $37 million from investors for their latest startup- Leeo, which is keeping their ideas close to chest as of now, but is rumored to bring smart home appliances to the consumers in less disruptive way. Leeo also mentioned in an interview with Forbes that it believes in working for both consumer and telecommunication and utilities ...

Wooden Handbag-shaped Stool by AmeBe

Ladies, would you like to own a handbag made of natural solid wood?

No, we are not talking about the actual handbag- but it is the exclusive wooden stool designed in shape of a leather hand bag. It is created by Italian Design Studio AmeBe inspired by most beloved accessory used daily by women, the purse. The stool is made of solid cedar from Riva 1920 and brilliantly crafted into typical shape of a leather bag. Designers’ workmanship and technical skills are commendable because they finished a monolithic wooden block into a beautiful handbag design with ...

Inclined Office Table by Simon Cabrol

Exquisite office table by Simon Cabrol creates false leaning appearance

French designer Simon Cabrol in collaboration with EDNA, Nantes Atlantic School of Design, has framed a unique office table that is made out of walnut with fine finishing and features frosted glass detail on table top; and create a false leaning appearance. From distance, it looks like as if the table top is inclining at one end, but on getting closer you’ll find out that the table top is in a flat sturdy position. In fact, asymmetric upper and lower parts attached over and beneath the table ...

Clock Side Table by Soriano Blanco

Clock side table by Soriano Blanco doubles up as lamp in bedroom

Looking for a bedside table for your bedroom? Well, after looking at this intriguing side table you’re most likely to forget regular, boring side tables. Milan-based design studio Soriano Blanco has created this striking bedside table that not only features a digital clock on its top, but also acts as a source of dim light at night. The cubical bedside table is enclosed with a wooden frame that features a built-in light source and a digital clock displayed at its surface. To turn on the ...


SinglePet robot takes care of your furry friends when you’re away

Stuck at work and not able to get home to feed your adorable pet? No need to worry, as Korean startup SinglePet is here to solve the problem once and for all. It is nothing but a small robotic hardware that can be controlled through your smartphone. It comes with an easy to download mobile application that supports all Android/iOS devices. With the help of the app, pet owners are able to dispense food to their pets from the hardware through single push of a button on your smartphone. Besides ...

Soundbox Desk by Jina U

Vintage-inspired Soundbox Desk efficiently amplifies music from your mobile

Korea-based design student Jina U has created an unusual acoustic Soundbox Desk for his diploma project. It is inspired by vintage learning and features a musical instrument to amplify the music. The table comes with a built-in low-tech amplifier that is designed in shape of a horn like old phonograph. Instead of using modern day advance speakers, Jina opted for the vintage style soundbox to create something elegant as well as functional. Design of the table completes with a small chair with ...

Sea Furniture by Studio Swine

Studio Swine’s solar-powered 3D-printer turns ocean gyres into utile furniture

Most of us are aware of the increasing amounts of plastic garbage floating in world’s oceans that will certainly have hazardous effects on eco-system if ignored. However, London-based Studio Swine has come up with a brilliant concept to make oceans free from filthy gyres. After creating the award-winning Sea Chair, made from solar-powered 3D-printer, that turns discarded plastic washed up on beaches into useful furniture, the designers of the studio are all set to take their project to next ...

Lataula Table by CrousCalogero

Lataula Table by CrousCalogero is extendable multi-purpose furniture

Arlex, Bercelona-based furniture designing firm, recently launched its series of home furnishings 2014-2015, which includes Nara container system, cupboards W Family Collection and Lataula table. But, Lataula Table stands out from the rest as it is an intriguingly minimalist, yet functional design by CrousCalogero. The table can be extended in length just by pulling out its one end, so that you can easily serve food to extra guests at home. Design of the table maintains the same aesthetics ...

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