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Christmas gift ideas to add splash of style to any bathroom

Christmas gift ideas to add splash of style to any bathroom

It won’t be long until Santa will be making his way down your chimney on December 25. This means, it’s high time you should start collecting gifts for your family, friends or colleagues. How about a gift of total relaxation? Well, nothing compares to the relaxed feeling you get while lying down in a spa. But, in routine life it gets really hectic for people to go to a spa and unwind himself/herself. Not anymore, as you can gift your loved ones some alluring bathroom accessories that ...


Christmas gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts

Winter comes not only with holiday festivity, but also brings excitement for outdoor adventure trips. During holiday season most of you must be busy spending money on parties, outdoor trips and buying gifts. However, people who love spending lot of time outdoors, exploring different places, are often in need of new gears. If you’ve got any outdoorsman/outdoorswoman in your world, then you may gift them some cool equipments, this Christmas. Here are few Christmas gift ideas that any ...

Creatura Human-powered Floating Berth

Creatura: Human-powered floating berth built and operated by children

Beam Camp, a summer Camp in New Hampshire for kids, had organized the international competition to build a unique project within the budget of $10,000. A team of two architectural students Federico Forestiero and Mark David Torrens has designed the unique human-powered floating berth dubbed Creatura that seems as if a creature is moving on surface of the lake. The interesting thing about the project is that it is built by active participation of children present at the summer camp. Creatura is ...

LED Decorative Wreath

This Christmas, add cheer to your house with LED Decorative Wreath

Looking for a way to make your home dazzle for the holiday season? Well, there is nothing as startling as the glowing wreath display to add holiday festivity to your home. Wreaths are the most iconic holiday symbols representing the arrival of Christmas for centuries. The circular shape of wreath symbolizes eternity, with no beginning and no end. Therefore, the LED Decorative Wreath is the best decorative object to spruce up the decorations, this Christmas or the entire holiday season. The ...

Miito Kettle by Nils Chudy

Miito Kettle heats up liquids directly in their containers

The humble electric kettles are literally a boon especially during winters, when you frequently need to warm water and other beverages. But conventional kettles waste unnecessary energy in case these are overfilled. Not any more, as Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nils Chudy has come up with the advance solution in form of the Miito Kettle. This is handy heating tool that heats up liquids directly in their containers, unlike traditional electric kettles. Miito is a user friendly kettle ...

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears, this Christmas

Do you love the tingling sensation of flying at high altitudes while sitting inside an airplane? Well, now you can bring the skies into your home- all thanks to Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The aircraft firm has come up with unusual marketing initiative that sells reclaimed airplane parts as stylish home furniture and accessories. The aircraft household gears are designed from retired fuselage and stylized to form a classy product that will add charm to any décor, whether home ...

Martin Logan Neolith Hybrid Electrostatic Speaker

Neolith: Hybrid electrostatic speaker costs equivalent to Mercedes Benz CLS

Most audiophiles are seen lusting after hi-end hybrid electrostatic speakers. But Martin Logan, the world leader in electrostatic loudspeaker technology, has raised the bar to next level by introducing the largest-ever Neolith hybrid electrostatic speakers. The modern speaker with handmade minimalist design boasts many notable features such as biggest electrostatic radiating surface, 12-inch front-firing sealed mid-bass woofer and larger 15-inch rear-firing ported woofer, all together these ...

Fuselage Coffee Table by MotoArt

MotoArt revamps old airplane hunks into chic Fuselage Coffee Table

Aged airplane parts that are often destined for scrap heaps have now found a way to relive in form stylish furniture pieces such as bed, chairs, tables, etc. The creative innovation occurred all thanks to Los Angeles-based Company MotoArt that is well-known for spending hours to transform aircraft fuselage into fully-functional household objects. This time the firm has beautifully transformed hunks of a Boeing and Douglas aircraft into elegant Fuselage Coffee Table. Base of the table is made ...

Palmerston Council’s $45K Cyclone-proof Christmas Tree

Palmerston council’s $45K Christmas tree can combat a cyclone

Australian Palmerston city council has unveiled its latest Christmas attraction in form of conical tree. This inverted cone-shaped Christmas tree is erected in Palmerston’s Goyder Square and the council has spent hefty amount of about $45,000 on this ornamental tree design. Wondering why the council shelled out such huge amount on a Christmas attraction? Well, this is no ordinary tree as it is designed to combat cyclones with intensity breeze of around 230km/h. The 10-metre high conical tree ...

Neighbors Build Pirate Ship Treehouse for 5-year-old Twins

Jeanerette neighbors build pirate ship treehouse for 5-year-old twins

Most children dream of the day when they could actually live inside a fancy treehouse. But all are not as lucky as 5-year-old twins Charlie and Alex Viator from Jeanerette, whose dream became a reality in form of the pirate ship treehouse, all thanks to their next-door neighbors. The neighbors George McJunkins and his son Neil McJunkins had promised the kids two years ago that they would build a treehouse for them. Both father and son found out that Tim and Virginia Viator, parents of Charlie ...

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