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Biodegradable Kuskoa Bi Chair by Jean Louis Iratzoki

Biodegradable Kuskoa Bi chair made from 100% plant-based polymer

Basque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki has created the world’s first commercial Kuskoa Bi chair for French furniture brand Alki. The chair is made completely out of 100-percent bioplastic that is made from plant-based renewable polymer such as beet, corn starch and sugarcane. Due to the use of bioplastic material, the chair is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Unlike conventional plastic chairs, the biodegradable chair is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t carry any harmful plastic ...

Cabin in the Woods by At26

Erratic cabin in the woods of calm Solvakian countryside

Do you love exploring untamed natural places that truly describe the beauty of nature? But, the problem with such remote places is that even basic necessities of living are not available there. To give campers a comfortable place to live in middle of serene forest landscape of Piešťany in Solvakia, the architectural firm at26 has designed an irregular-shaped cabin. This bizarre cabin will be nestled in beautiful countryside, overlooking the nearby lake. Exterior of the cabin is covered in ...

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort by Airbnb

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort takes luxury hotel to new heights

Ski lovers can now direct towards Saulire ski resort in Courchevel for adventure and spend most luxurious time of their life. As, online rental marketplace Airbnb is offering you a chance to spend the night in a Saulire cable car in Courchevel, France. Wondering how you’ll manage to spend an entire night in midair? Well, the cable car at 9,000-feet is beautifully transformed into a luxury flat, just like any five-star hotel room. The room is equipped with cozy furnishings and all necessary ...

C-45 Fuel Tank Table by MotoArt

MotoArt creates utilitarian table from vintage aircraft 78 gallon fuel tanks

Nothing in the world can beat amazing feeling of soaring across the sky in an airplane. However, you can bring that wonderful experience into your living room through the latest C-45 Fuel Tank Table by MotoArt. The sophisticated table design offers minimalist furniture piece for any space of your home from indoors to outdoors. The base is made from aluminum 1950’s aircraft 78 gallon fuel tanks of vintage military toiler. Both tanks are 30-inches high and mirror-polished to form an elegant ...

Alpes Inox’s Stainless Steel Kitchen Modules

Alpes Inox’s stainless steel kitchen modules alter as per your needs

Looking for a kitchen island that fits perfectly into your small scullery? Well, Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturer Alpes Inox has created stylish stainless steel kitchen modules, which are not only beautiful but also space-saving for any small area. These high-end steel modules are free standing and can be altered according to your changing needs. Their freestanding design helps you to easily fix them in any available space without need of any extra installation equipments. These units are ...

Corridor Compact Bar by BDI

Corridor Compact Bar: Swanky cabinet to flaunt your wine collection in style

USA-based furniture designing firm BDI has added another elegant furniture unit to its Corridor series that includes Home Theater Cabinet and TV console. The new creation by the firm is sophisticated cocktail-style Corridor Compact Bar in simple yet stylish wooden design. Keeping convenience in mind, this unique bar cabinet offers plenty of shelves and racks for expensive wine collection to keep your guests entertained without interruption. The wooden bar cabinet features double doors with ...

Sengled Snap LED Light Bulb with Security Camera

Sengled Snap LED light bulb incorporates smart surveillance camera

Most smart bulbs we’ve seen so far allow you to control lighting functions through your smartphone. However, Shanghai-based startup Sengled has given a whole new dimension to the smart home lighting by the launch of latest Snap LED light bulb with integrated surveillance camera. The Snap LED light bulb is installed with hi-tech 720p IP security camera, speaker and microphone. It comes with cloud recording, motion detection, geo-fencing and facial recognition ability, which can ...

LG Styler

Hang up worn outfits in LG Styler to keep them fresh and wrinkle-free

Don’t like the tedious process of washing and ironing clothes every now and then? To save your time and energy, LG electronics has launched the upgraded version of LG Styler that refreshes and sterilizes your worn outfits whilst removing wrinkles. This is a futuristic washing machine in shape of a closet to rejuvenate your smelly clothes with steam. LG Styler is a compact and tall device that can fit into any narrow space without creating any clutter. It is designed especially to take care of ...

Panasonic's Triangular Robotic Cleaner MC-RS1 Rulo

Panasonic’s triangular robotic cleaner aims to clean even pesky corners

We’ve seen various smart robotic cleaners for easily vanishing dust out of your house. But the problem lies in their rounded or spherical shapes that cannot reach bothersome corners. To sort out the difficulty of such robotic cleaners, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has developed the latest triangular robotic cleaner, MC-RS1 Rulo. The Rulo comes in roughly triangular shape with rounded sides to reach even the pesky corners of your house with ease. It has a built-in dust sensor that ...

Thanko Bath Pillow with Smartphone Holder

Freely access your smartphone in bathtub with Thanko Bath Pillow

Although smartphones allow you to access nearly all Internet of Things with touch of your finger, but the only limitation is that you cannot use your smartphone while bathing. This is because all of the fear of damaging your smartphone with splashing water in bathroom. To solve the problem and let you play with your phone while having a nice long bath, Japanese startup Thanko has unveiled inflatable Bath Pillow that comes with hands free smartphone holder. It is air bubble pillow for attaching ...

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