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Strategic alliance between Alibaba and Suning to synergize corporate model

Alibaba Group, Chinese e-commerce company renowned for providing consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portal, is spending $4.6 billion to buy 19.99-percent stake in Shenzhen-listed Suning Commerce. Suning Appliance Company Ltd., one of the largest privately owned retailers in China, is also investing $2.3 billion in Alibaba and will subscribe for nearly 27.8 million newly issued shares. The strategic alliance between Suning and Alibaba will ...

Antique dough bowl into chic coffee table

How to turn antique dough bowl into chic coffee table

Do you know that giant dough bowls were once a household staple in every American family? Besides symbolizing family and farm in early 1990s, these rustic dough bowls were used to mix, throw and knead dough. With the kneaded dough, American families used to prepare fresh breads and biscuits for three times a day. However, the use of such huge dough bowls have been reduced over the years and one can hardly find these today. But Lindsay, crafter and blogger from The White Buffalo Styling Co., ...

10 ultra modern range hoods to pep up your kitchen

10 ultra modern range hoods to pep up your kitchen

Contemporary kitchens not only reflect your appetite for food, but for lifestyle and decor as well. May be this is the reason why most homeowners give importance to kitchen decor, like any other room of a house. Besides being attractive, your kitchen must be well-ventilated. For proper ventilation in kitchen, variety of range hoods offer cooking enthusiasts a better way to prepare different recipes without worrying about smoke, airborne grease or food smells. If you’re looking to infuse style ...

Lamborghini Sofa

Show off your love for luxury sports cars with Lamborghini sofa

Can’t afford to buy a super-expensive luxury sports car? Don’t dishearten yourself, as you can relive your passion through hi-end furniture pieces that exactly resemble your favorite sports car. We’ve already featured some of the brilliant luxury sports car-based furniture designs on Homecrux, including Lamborghini Murcielago desk and Bugatti Veyron Desk. Both these exclusive furniture designs bring your love for supercars straight into your home or office. Design Epicentrum, the same ...

10 ridiculously priced luxurious alcoholic drinks in the world

10 ridiculously priced luxurious alcoholic drinks in the world

Do you know humans began drinking alcoholic drinks nearly in 10,000 B.C.? Over the years, the fermentation and refining techniques for creating finest quality liquor have been improved. This is the reason why some of the liquor bottles are too expensive; however some alcohol bottles cost even more than a penthouse. While an average bar or pub goer cannot afford such extravagantly luxurious alcoholic drinks, but such expensive liquor bottles are meant to create a burning hole in pockets of ...

Ikea 2016 catalog

Sneak Peek at few awesome pieces from Ikea catalog 2016

Every year Ikea, Swedish furniture giant, comes up with something minimalist but very practical for homeowners. It’s always interesting to find out such household deigns that speak out for themselves and need no further description. Likewise, Ikea catalog 2016 is also full of simple yet wonderful surprises that any homeowner would love. The latest catalog is based on a theme ‘The Little Things That Matter,’ which focuses on people’s lives at home. This new collection represents ...

Twinny Couch by Proteas

Twinny couch morphs into bunk bed just like its predecessor ‘Coupe Sofa’

Remember the internet sensation Coupe sofa that turns into fully-functional bunk bed in seconds? Well, you’ll get over it after looking at its upgraded version called Twinny couch by Greece-based furniture manufacturers Proteas. Just like its predecessor, Twinny sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bunk bed within few seconds. However, the latest one comes in bright upholsteries to splash some colors into your interior, apart from maximizing space. It is ideal for any small ...

Impossible Cheese Burger

Google tries to nab Bill Gates-backed veggie burger business

From home services business to driverless robotic autos, Google is slowly trying to venture into every trending market. Reportedly, it almost got involved in a meatless burger business. The search-giant recently tried to nab Bill Gates-backed veggie burger startup called Impossible Foods. Although large population loves to eat meat burgers, but Impossible Foods has come up with unusual Impossible Cheese Burger. Why are we calling beef burger unusual? This is because it is made entirely out of ...

Finalists for sixth JumptheGap International Design Contest

Finalists for sixth JumptheGap International Design Contest

Jumpthegap is an International Design Contest, which is promoted by Roca and BCD Barcelona Design Centre. The aim of the contest is to invite various designers from all around the world to showcase their new, innovative and sustainable design concepts for the bathroom space. This year the 6th Jumpthegap contest began the registration in March and total 112 different countries have participated. Out of all the contestants only 30 preselected projects of architecture students and young ...

How to remove rust stains out of metal surfaces at home

6 easy ways to remove rust stains out of metal outdoor furniture

Monsoon is a really pleasant season that brings joy after hot summer, but we also have to cope with certain problems associated with this season. One of the most annoying problems that come with rainy season is ‘rust’ that ruins all metal objects especially your outdoor furniture on patio. Due to excessive moisture in the air, rust starts forming and begins to ruin appearance of outdoor furniture. However, removing rust from metal is not as difficult as you might assume. Instead of taking ...

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