Who says Christmas tree should only be an evergreen conifer tree? There are endless alternative Christmas trees that will put you to think. Try something different this year and make a DIY Christmas tree from unused and readily available items at home.

You can make use of paper, cardboard, scrap wood, wine bottles, wine cork, pine cones and several other items to make Christmas trees. Head below to check out the most inspiring Christmas tree alternatives you can try.

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DIY CACTUS Christmas Tree

Add a trendy touch to your home with a DIY Christmas cactus. You can make it using wood slats, PVC pipe, and garland. The entire cactus shape is covered with garland, ornaments, and lights – just like a regular Christmas tree.

Image: Hey Wanderer Blog

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Do not throw away cardboard boxes you’ve got with the newly bought refrigerator, washing machine, or TV. Use them for your decoration by making a Christmas tree out of them. The DIY is easy, you can involve your little ones with you in the making. Draw some inspiration from the ideas below. Happy building!

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instructables

DIY Christmas Tree Made of Fairy Lights

This alternative Christmas tree can be a unique attraction in your home. You can make it using a round plywood base and fairy lights. Wrapping it with firefly lights is the main task!

Image: OhMeOhMy Blog

Ladder Christmas Trees

You probably have heard of and seen ladder Christmas trees. They are perfect Christmas tree alternatives for people who like to decorate home in an eco-friendly and minimalist manner. Why not make one for yourself this year? It is a budget-friendly and easy DIY that’s going to attract everyone’s attention. Whether decorating with light strips or Christmas tree ornaments, there is plenty of scope for creativity. Scroll down for some ideas and inspiration.

Image: Paisley and Jade
Image: Instagram/brown_eyed_marie
Image: Instagram/NarrativePost
Image: Instagram/TheJamesCanterbury
Image: Instagram/ScandinavianPoint

Yarn Ball Christmas Tree

For this project, you will first need to craft yarn or twine balls and then layer them to shape a delightful tree. Elevate its charm with a sprinkle of glitter and crown it with a shining star.

Image: Pinterest

Floor-Standing Pine Cone Christmas Trees

If you don’t like vibrant colors around you but want something simple yet unique for Christmas; nothing better than staying natural. One cool idea is to make use of pine cones to form a dry DIY Christmas tree. It can be embellished with lights or decorative objects, if you may, else they look equally impressive all bland. If you are in doubt, check out some ideas below and get inspired.

Image: Instagram @nasza_kraina_kreatywnosci
Image: Instagram @brookesrosettes
Image: Instagram @pastelfactory.hu

Christmas Tree from Gifts

This one is as fun as receiving gifts. Stack up the gifts you get in the shape of a tree, add a star topper and it can be your Christmas tree. A super simple idea, provided you receive a lot of Christmas gifts.

Image: Pinterest

Book Christmas Tree

Don’t let your collection of books bite the dust. You have a good option of using them as an elegant Christmas tree. It will be a bibliophile’s dream come true. You just need to stack the books so they look like a Christmas tree. Embellish the tree with the desired Christmas tree decorations and it’s ready to be a conversation starter in the room.

Image: Kim Hooper

Large Size Paper Christmas Trees

Fold paper sheets into an accordion pattern and secure them to the wall with tape for an instant and budget-friendly wall Christmas tree.

Image: Curbly

Corner Shelf Christmas Trees

You will need a tree-shaped corner shelf for the project. Arrange greenery, festive ornaments and lights on the shelf for a cooler alternative to traditional Christmas trees.

Image: Pinterest

Big Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Create a whimsical centerpiece by layering red and green pom-poms into a cone shape, topped with a festive bow. This DIY Christmas tree adds a touch of charm and color to any space.

Image: Aww, Sam

Pillow Christmas Tree

You can make a stylish Christmas tree by doing as little as stacking up some pillows. The color of pillow covers must be pretty and there you go.

Image: Love This Pic
Image: Pinterest

Balloon Christmas Tree

Take home green, white, and red balloons from a craft store to create a balloon Christmas tree. Blow up the balloons and fix them in the shape of a tree using glue or tape. This lightweight Christmas tree can be decorated with glitter and you can even draw on the balloons. See below how you can do that.

Image: The Very Best Balloon Blog
Image: Sugar & Cloth
Image: Instagram @burtonplusburton
Image: Instagram @loveofcharacter
Image: Instagram @bubblegumballoons

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Add a purpose to your Christmas celebration by repurposing pallet wood that you’ve crammed up in your storeroom since an age. You can transform unused pallets into a unique Christmas tree that will look graceful on the front porch. Below are some ideas to draw inspiration from.

Image: Design Rulz
Image: Little House of Four
Image: Pinterest/Industrial Designz
Image: Instagram @kwattwillman71

Hazelnut Cane Christmas Tree

Weave up hazelnut vines into the shape of a tree for outdoors. You can add colorful ornaments to improve its grace.

Image: Instagram @onehourout.melb

Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

Collect all empty unused glass bottles at home and give them a second life by turning them into a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree. You need to stack them up, vertically or horizontally to form a tree-like structure. It can be decked with light strings and other ornaments.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Evite
Image: Mellieness

Space-Saving Wall Christmas Tree

This DIY Christmas tree can be made using faux pine branches or real pine branches. You can decorate it with a few of your favorite ornaments and lights.

Image: Lily Ardor

Macramé Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

If you have got the skills, you can make your own Macrame Christmas tree to get the walls in a festive mood. It’s going to be a stunning focal point.

Image: Instagram @saako_macrame

Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree made from Branches

For this DIY Christmas tree, collect some fallen tree branches in various sizes, and tie them up in the shape of a tree, where the largest branch will form the base. Hang it on a wall and decorate it with Christmas balls and stars to render a mesmerizing look. This way you are making good use of tree branches, which otherwise would land in a fire pit or be stranded without any practical use. Take a look at some ideas below.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Crafts by Amanda
Image: Curbly/Bruno Bornsztein

Wooden Wall Christmas Tree

If you have some wood slabs at home, they can be turned into a beautiful wall-hanging Christmas tree. You can tie them up with a rope in the shape of a tree and top it with a star.

Image: Instagram @nat_monde
Image: Thrift Diving

Wall Christmas Tree Made from Light Strings

You can make a space-saving Christmas tree on your wall using light strips, paper, and some other decorative embellishments. You can stick some light strip in the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall and add goodies to it – your light string Christmas tree is ready.

Images: WarisanLighting

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

If you are short on time and space, it is your best bet to make a wall Christmas tree using washi tape. You can create a tree by drawing out floating triangles and simple strips on the wall using the tape.

Image: Brit
Image: Homey Oh My
Image: Pinterest

Fabric, Felt, and Burlap Christmas Tree

You can add a festive décor to your home with Christmas trees made of fabric, felt, and burlap. You will need to hang these trees on the walls; however, you can also make freestanding Christmas trees, if you like. You can add embellishments as per your taste.

Image: Two Twenty One
Image: TwoFeetFirst

Mosaic Christmas Trees

Create a mosaic Christmas tree by gluing mirror pieces on a wooden board – your only task in this project.

Image: Decorate and More with Tip

DIY Christmas tree from crepe paper

This is a simple and easy Christmas tree alternative you can prepare in minutes using crepe paper. You will need to stick crepe paper pieces on the wall in shape of a tree and finally top with a paper star.

Image: Instagram @livelylittles

Tissue Paper Wall Christmas Tree

If you live in a smaller home and are looking for a space-saving Christmas tree alternative, you can make one using tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper into fringe that will be used to make the tree.

Image: Curbly

Balloon Wall Christmas Tree

First hang the balloons on sticks of different sizes that make up the Christmas tree in the end. The longest stick has 4-5 balloons and the last one has just one that mimics a tree topper.

Image: Paint Sew Glue Chew 

Pom-Pom Wall Christmas Trees

This is a similar kind of DIY where you will need to make pom-poms and then hang them onto wooden sticks of different sizes. It will look like a vibrant Christmas tree on the wall.

Image: Dora Does

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar with Gifts

You will need gold favor boxes for the project. The lids are adorned with paper honeycomb balls that are attached to the lid using toothpick. The diamond tree topper is also a cool addition.

Image: The Paper Mama

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Have a look at these Christmas trees made from PVC pipes. They are a perfect idea for confined spaces or apartments, where the space-saving decor is a must. PVC pipe Christmas tree adds a unique touch to the interior and doesn’t take much time or effort to make. You just need to cut PVC pipes into pieces, stick them together to form a tree pattern on a flat panel, and decorate it with your favorite ornaments.

Image: Martha Stewart
Image: Urban Nesting

Tabletop Christmas Tree from Real Leaves

This DIY farmhouse Christmas tree can be made using cardboard and leaves. You just need to stick green leaves on a cardboard cone and hang it over a flower pot.

Image: A Piece of Rainbow

Upcycling Wood Branches and Twigs into Christmas Tree

Have a no-waste holiday by upcycling wood branches and twigs into a Christmas tree. The appearance depends upon your creativity. Choose the ornaments wisely to not overdo the decor.

Image: Little Red Bag Productions
Image: Instagram @mycreativity_pescara
Image: Shabby Art Boutique

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

An egg carton is the last thing you associate with making a Christmas tree, yet here is a cool idea. Before you think of adding an egg carton into the landfill, cut it out and stack it up for a Christmas tree alternative. Don’t forget to paint it green for the allure.

Image: The OT Toolbox

Tin Can Christmas Tree

Tin cans are easy recyclables to transform into a Christmas tree. Just stack up a few cans of varying sizes, with the largest in the base, color them and embellish with pom-poms and a star topper.

Image: Babble Dabble Do

Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas trees are an easy craft idea. These trees are a cute addition to Christmas decorations and even kids can be involved in making them. A good way to make productive use of your family time.

Image: It All Started With Paint
Image: Instagram @alltheneffyness
Image: Bella Dia
Image: Katrinshine Blog
Image: Ouiouioui Studio

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Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Fold a paper to form a cone and glue it all over with pieces of tissue paper to make this wall-hanging tree. Decorate it with small beads and voila, you have a Christmas tree ready.

Image: Spunky Junky

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

This is a simple Christmas centerpiece that can be prepared easily using cupcake wrappers. It is ideal to use different colors of cupcake liners. The base can also be prepared to give it a more elegant look. You can place the tree on a table or mount it on a wall.

Image: The 36th Avenue
Image: The Cake Blog

Mini Cardboard Christmas Tree

Start by outlining Christmas tree parts onto cardboard and crafting the required cutouts. Combine two of these cutout pieces to assemble a mini tree.

Image: Pink Stripey Socks

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

You can make a whimsical tabletop Christmas tree using unused wine corks. Start with gluing up the corks in an upright position around a Styrofoam cone leaving small gaps between each cork for battery-powered lights. Decorate with a bow, star, or other small ornaments of your choice and your tree is ready.

Image: Pink When
Image: Vintage News Junkie/UncorKed by Kimberly
Image: KJ

Terracotta Pot Christmas Tree

You’ll need terracotta clay pots of different sizes for this DIY Christmas tree. Just paint them and stack one over the other for them to look like a tree. Decorate it with beads, gems, glitter, and a star tree topper. See some ideas for inspiration below.

Image: Totally The Bomb
Image: A Little Craft in Your Day

Yarn Christmas Tree

You can easily make a Christmas tree by wrapping yarn around a cone. The more colorful the yarn, the more exciting and inviting the tree will look.

Image: A Beautiful Mess
Image: Rags to Couture
Image: Two Shades of Pink Blog
Image: Homedit

Crochet Christmas Tree

If you are into crocheting, then it is the right time to make some cute crochet Christmas trees, ornaments, and decorations. Show off your skills by making a small or a life-sized Christmas tree. It would be a great addition to the home décor on Christmas.

Image: Maria’s Blue Crayon
Image: Bauta Witch
Image: Yarn Plaza
Image: Instagram @toosvanhaften

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a trendy and easy-to-make Christmas tree, you can make one using pom-poms. Simply glue-up pom-poms on a cone or make a wall hanging Christmas tree with them. These colorful trees will add a vibrant touch to the décor.

Image: Keeping It Simple Crafts
Image: Kyle Larsen/Pillar Box Blue

Twine Christmas Tree

Make a cone out of paper and glue twine all around it. Decorate it with buttons and other ornaments to finish the look. Scroll down for some inspirational ideas.

Image: Domestically Blissful
Image: Craft A Spell
Image: Rags to Couture
Image: HGTV
Image: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

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Alternative Christmas Trees from Fabric

This no-sew fabric Christmas tree can be a good project for Christmas. You will need to cut fabric pieces in cone shape, glue them up from sides and then stuff them up with cotton. the base is made from wood slice and spindle. The tree is topped with a frosty painted pine cone.

Image: Re Fabbed

Felt Christmas Trees

Looking for an easy holiday craft? You can try crafting these layered felt Christmas trees. First you will need to cut ringed felt pieces that will be layered on a Styrofoam cone.

Image: Sparkles of Sunshine

Alternative Christmas Tree from Burlap

Create a alternative Christmas tree from burlap for holiday ambiance in your home. Simply cut burlap into thin strips and layer them onto a Styrofoam cone. Complete the look with a star topper.

Image: Crafts Unleashed

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbons are widely used to decorate homes in festive flair. You can also use ribbons to make Christmas trees. Take a paper cone and wrap it creatively with ribbons and you are done!

Image: Craft Passion
Image: Tikkido
Image: Sew Fantastic Blog
Image: Craftberry Bush

Cotton Christmas Tree

Dazzle your guests by crafting cute little cotton Christmas trees. They are budget-friendly alternative Christmas trees.

Image: Luluto Blog
Image: Swing Time Designs

Button Christmas Tree

This mini button tree is a cool upcycled decoration. It can be placed on a mantel or can be turned into an adorable ornament.

Image: Stampin with Kjoyink
Image: Hey Lets Make Stuff

Sequin Christmas Tree

Think about sequin crafting if you want to add some sparkling magic to your home. You can choose colors as per your liking.

Image: Curbly
Image: Sweet Cs Designs
Image: Centsational Style            

Seashell Christmas Tree

You can easily turn seashells into tabletop Christmas trees. The task is to glue up seashells on a cone. You can make a cone from paper mache or carve a piece of foam into a cone. These little pieces would look great on a shelf or table.

Image: Sweet Teal
Image: The Artisan Life
Image: At The Picket Fence

Candy Christmas Tree

You can make candy Christmas tree topiaries as centerpieces for your home. You need to stick candies on a cone or pin them up along with wrappers. It is an easy and fun way to make some new holiday decorations without spending much.

Image: Upstate Ramblings
Image: The Make Your Own Zone
Image: Kitchen Meets Girl

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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Help yourself count down days to Christmas by making a tree-shaped advent calendar. The DIY advent calendar will help you create amazing memories with kids.

Image: Jennifer Maker
Image: Tell Love and Party

Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

If you are good in woodworking, you can make a wooden tree with magnetic buttons as an Advent calendar. Paint the tree in the desired color.

Image: Third Stop on the Right
Image: Saved by Love Creations

Photo Frame Christmas Tree

Take out all your favorite photos and stick them around empty cardboard boxes, and arrange these boxes to form a Christmas tree. This tabletop Christmas tree will be the focal point of your celebrations as cherished memories will be displayed in a nostalgic timeline. One of our favorites for sure.

Image: Emily Henderson

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine cones can be great to make mini Christmas trees. You can paint them green or white just like a tree. Adding some red elements will enhance the look.

Image: Babble
Image: Yesterday on Tuesday

Corner Shelf Christmas Tree

That corner shelf at home can be utilized as a Christmas tree. You will need to decorate it with greenery, glittery ornaments, and other props.

Image: Instagram @organizedclutter

Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

If you have glass bottles lying useless at your home, you can put them to good use by making mini trees for Christmas. You will need to paint the bottle and decorate with glitter and buttons.

Image: Ann’s Entitled Life

Mosaic Christmas Tree

The mosaic Christmas tree will be an attention-grabbing piece, a perfect item to add charm to the home decoration for Christmas.

Image: Handyman
Image: Instagram @china_petals

Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Old unused wood pieces and slats make great material to create a Christmas tree. Painting them in different hues will decide how cool they look. These wood Christmas trees can be big or small enough to be placed on a shelf or table. They are perfect to be used outside the house too.

Image: Crafts Unleashed
Image: Love and Renovations

Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

Fabrice Peltier made this Christmas tree using a number of waste plastic bottles. It is a pretty good idea to reuse plastic bottles. It looks difficult at the onset but could be easy to build if you have patience and zeal.

Image: Upcycled Wonders

Ceiling Hanging Christmas Tree

Weave together shiny Christmas tree ornaments of the same or different colors and suspend them using thin threads. Use green ornaments if you want to get a reflection of a natural tree. You can hang this unusual Christmas tree at any central location within the living room. See below some Christmas tree mobiles you’d love.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: We’re Calling Shenanigans

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Add an artistic touch to your home decoration this Christmas with a chalkboard Christmas tree. Use different colors to make it look attractive. A few suggestions are listed below.

Image: A Goode House
Image: Pinterest
Image: Rescon Solutions
Image: Creative Kismet

DIY Christmas Tree from Pallet Wood and Paper

This is a brilliant tree idea you can make for Christmas. All you would require is some pallets, patterned paper, and glue. Besides that, it’s your creativity!

Image: Homedit

DIY Christmas Tree from Napkin

This stunning Christmas table decoration can be made very easily. You just need to fold the paper to look like a tree. It will rest on a plate.

Image: Sand and Sisal

Pineapple Christmas Tree

If you don’t have much time on you, you can make a simple and cute Christmas tree using a pineapple. It is not only a budget-friendly idea but will also look attractive wherever you place it. Making it is super easy; all you have to do is, decorate a fresh pineapple with embellishments and festive lights. In the end, it boils down to your creativity – how innovative you can be with the lighting and decor.

Image: Instagram/sg_decor Shopping Garden+Decor
Image: Instagram/Zohragalka

Natural Shrub Christmas Tree

This one is a really quick and easy Christmas tree idea. If you have potted plants at home, decorate them with shimmering light strings, decorative streamers, and shiny balls, and in no time, have a fun Christmas tree ready to make your guest go wow!

Image: Wikipedia

Succulent Christmas Tree

If you’re lucky to have succulent plants in your garden, then make your decoration unique with a succulent Christmas tree. Whether you place them on a table, or on a shelf, these nature-inspired Christmas trees look beautiful. You can even make large ones but they will require a lot of time and space. Scroll down for ideas.

Image: Perthsucculentbowls
Image: Afloral

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