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Forest House by Atelier ST architects

Fairytale Forest House nestled in the serene woods of Germany

In childhood, you must have heard fairy-tale stories about a small wooden house in middle of the forest. German architectural firm Atelier ST Architects has made that fairy-tale forest house a reality of 21st century within pines of Brandenburg, Germany. It was originally a summer house in 1926, which was in a deteriorating condition. The architects decided to renovate it into a minimalist cabin with a contemporary touch. The cabin is designed as such that it reminds you of a vintage cottage in ...

MadCat Treehouse by Jim Martin

Dad builds Mad Cat BattleMech treehouse for his kids

Do you remember the online Mechwarrior game of ‘80s? If yes, then you must be well-versed with tactics to maneuver Mad Cat BattleMech. Jim Martin, a rocket scientist from NASA, has made the same Mad Cat (life-size) in real life for his three kids in Alabama. This is, however, not exactly a robotic fighter that shoots missiles at neighbor’s backyard. In fact, it is an amazing treehouse for playing in backyard, resting on ground next to a tall tree in spite of hanging over its branches. ...

X-Shaped Mansion in Lloyd Harbor

X-Shaped Mansion in Long Island hits the market for $12 million

This waterfront mansion is for sale in Long Island, New York featuring granite and limestone exterior in shape of X, as if someone marked a cross sign in middle of the lush green environment. The mansion is situated exactly at 20 Plover Lane, Lloyd Harbor and seems like four different castles are merging together forming a huge X on the ground. The four wings facing different directions are connected together by a circular corridor. The cross-like layout is designed purposely to bring in ...

Baumraum Treehouse Halle

Spiral staircase provides passage to Halle Treehouse by Baumraum

German architectural firm Baumraum has come up with another beautifully designed Halle Treehouse that is nestled 11-meters above the ground in middle of an oak tree. Its semi-elliptical design provides ample space for relaxing in between branches of a tree, overlooking the surrounding landscape. The key feature of this house is its spiral staircase brilliantly wrapped around the trunk of oak tree for easy access into this small dwelling. ...

Concrete Cabin in Swiss Alps

Small concrete cabin in Swiss Alps is inspired by an old barn

Don’t be fooled by the wooden exteriors of this small cabin because if you approach towards it, you’ll realize that it is a complete concrete house. Designer Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten has developed such deceiving exterior inspired by an old barn which was nestled years ago in this property. This little cabin is called Refugi Lieptgas and sits in lap of beautiful snow-covered cliff in Flims, Switzerland. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Church Converted into Luxury Apartment by Gianna Camilotti Interiors

Church converted into luxury apartment with amazing interiors

It’s hard to believe that this eye-catching apartment was once a church, which got converted into a ravishing residence by London-based designer Gianna Camilotti Interiors. The luxury apartment has a splendid interior including a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The highlighting feature of the interior is its spiral staircase that leads to a loft containing two bedrooms. ...

Almke Treehouse by Baumraum

Scout troop constructs splendid Almke Treehouse in Germany

Germany-based architectural firm Baumraum has created a spectacular treehouse for a scout group in middle of the woods near Wolfsburg, Germany. Its amazing design has been created by the architects and constructed by a troop of young people on the Almke campsite. This small dwelling wraps around a pine tree and can serve as a place where scouts can gather, sleep and eat together. ...

Framework House by Cocoon Architecten

Cocoon Architecten turned 70’s villa into a contemporary dwelling

Belgian studio Cocoon Architecten has modified an old 1970’s villa into a contemporary dwelling called Framework House. It is actually a farmhouse designed for a single family and is situated in a residential area of Genk, Belgium surrounded by beautiful landscape. The firm extended interior space of the house in shape of a rectangular block, which is made of black metal panels with glass walls at its front. This extended block is basically a living area for the owner to relax while gazing ...

DesignDevelop Billboard Houses

Triangular Home for homeless along highway doubles up as advertising billboard

Billboards are very commonly seen along highways in cities for advertising, but Slovakia-based firm DesignDevelop started the Gregory Project, envisioning such billboards as permanent tiny homes for homeless. These homes are designed in triangular shape covering area of about 16.5 square meters on roadside. The houses are intended to be built along busy roads or highways so that its exterior walls serves as an advertising space, making it a live-in billboard. ...

Rectangular Wooden House by Dualchas Architects

Rectangular wooden house on Isle of Skye by Dualchas Architects

Scottish firm Dualchas Architects has designed a single-story house on cliff of Isle of Skye, Scotland. The architecture of this building is quite simple and connects two cubic volumes together- one is against the rugged terrain, and another part opens up to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. One cubic volume includes a main living area, two bedrooms separated by a short corridor and a kitchen. Whereas, the other volume contains bathrooms and storage accommodations near entrance of ...

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