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Lily Duval’s 14sqm tiny house

Lily Duval’s 14sqm tiny house wisely utilizes its interior

Think your house don’t have enough space for your keeping all your stuff? This 14-square meter tiny abode will put all big houses to shame. The tiny house is built in Christchurch by Lily Duval from New Zealand to cleverly utilize its internal space. Although the house looks too small, but it is jam-packed with all necessary furnishing and objects needed for comfortable living. Interior is comprised of such stuff that performs double duty to perfectly make use of the available space. For ...

New Zealand couple revamps old flatbed truck into solar-powered home

New Zealand couple turns old flatbed truck into solar-powered home

Living in motor home has been redefined by the New Zealand couple (Hannah and Alex), who turned retired flatbed truck into a functional mobile home. After moving back to New Zealand from the UK in 2009- the couple decided to live in a mobile home, instead of any conventional home. So they decided to purchase a 1986 Hino flatbed truck and started construction on its back, which took almost a year-and-a-half for construction. Their dedication and hardwork resulted in a solar-powered two bedroom ...

Farmer Julie builds off-grid bothy and treehouse

Farmer Julie builds off-grid bothy and treehouse to escape the world

Scottish couple- Julie and George Nicolson has commissioned local designer Sam Booth of ECHO Living to build ecological living space in countryside near Castle Douglas. Keeping sustainability in mind, the designer has created fancy bothy and treehouse in picturesque 190-acres farmland, allowing residents to escape the world. Both structures are eco-friendly, as they are constructed using natural materials such as eco-friendly paint, natural wood and insulated with sheep wool; all to minimize ...

Raven Loft by Geoff de Ruiter

Raven Loft treehouse by Geoff de Ruiter takes you close to the nature for just $8,200

Raven Loft is designed by Geoff de Ruiter, a 31-year-old graduate from University of Northern British Columbia, because he believes that having a tiny treehouse is a step towards stability. While studying bio-energy and carbon management, Geoff learnt a way to minimize carbon footprints and build a better sense of community by virtue of building and spending time in a tiny treehouse, which is made using recycled and new material and is as small as 165 square feet. ...

Samsung Dream Doghouse

Samsung unveils $31K deluxe kennel for your canine-friend

Pet owners like to pamper their animals with all luxuries in the world. However, soon dog lovers will be able to offer an ultimate luxury home to their canine friend. Samsung Electronics has branched out into kennel designing with launch of its very first ‘Dream Doghouse’ at Crufts 2015, the world’s largest dog show. This hi-end prototype doghouse is divided into two areas- one for rest and relaxation, while the other for dining. The former area comes with comfy cushions and built-in ...

Star Wars-Themed Room on Sale for $14.9M

This splendid Star Wars-themed room will cost you whopping $14.9M

Ever dreamed of traveling in an airspeeder and land on Hoth- fictional planet in Star Wars? Well, your dream may come true with Star Wars-Themed room that features Rebel T-47 Airspeeder bed, fake snow-covered walls and tiny R2D2 replica at one corner. Dirk Gates, founder and former CEO of internet connectivity companies Xirrus and Xircom, has recently listed his 15,000-square feet home in Los Angeles suburb of Westlake Village for $14.9 million. Apart from this stunning bedroom clad in Star ...

Tiny House Giant Journey

US couple left rat race to hit the road with their quaint mobile home

US-based couple has given up their tedious jobs two years ago to live up the nomadic dream of travelling across America and Canada in a mobile house. To make their dream come true, Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard spent a year building their tiny home entitled as ‘Tiny House Giant Journey’ before leaving everything behind and hit the road along with their pet dog, Salies. The 125-square-foot house is made entirely of wood and designed like traditional homes. The customized two-story ...

£695,000 Compton House

£695,000 Compton House boasts distinct ecological amenities

Comfortably nestled in Ormesby’s Dew Lane, the Compton House is a breathtaking property that speaks for itself through its stunning design and luxurious attributes. The house has a minimal impact on surroundings, as it is installed with various eco-friendly amenities including underfloor heating, solar panels, rainwater harvesting system and wood burning stove. This energy-efficient home doesn’t rely on external resources for energy, thus reduces extra utility costs. Don’t go on its ...

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort by Airbnb

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort takes luxury hotel to new heights

Ski lovers can now direct towards Saulire ski resort in Courchevel for adventure and spend most luxurious time of their life. As, online rental marketplace Airbnb is offering you a chance to spend the night in a Saulire cable car in Courchevel, France. Wondering how you’ll manage to spend an entire night in midair? Well, the cable car at 9,000-feet is beautifully transformed into a luxury flat, just like any five-star hotel room. The room is equipped with cozy furnishings and all necessary ...

Barbie Penthouse by Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman creates her own fascinating Barbie penthouse

Los Angeles-based home designer Nicole Sassaman has purchased a penthouse apartment from Barbara Segal, the real-life namesake of the Barbie doll, and recreated it into her personal Barbie penthouse. The interior of the entire apartment features Barbie memorabilia everywhere. This 3,000-square foot condo with three-bedrooms and three-bathrooms is transformed into her personal doll house, just like every young girl’s dream home. On entering, a life-size Barbie mannequin greets every visitor ...

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