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Container House

Container house is blend of minimalism, aesthetics and functional innovation

Container House in San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina, is designed by José Schreiber to offer total living space of 195 square meters. The house is built with the help of two metal containers placed in an L-shape. The project started by choosing the neighborhood located in the outskirts of San Francisco, with an aim to get red of the city crowd. Versatility of the space changes the family composition and lifestyle. The lower portion is of the metal container contains all service area ...

Star Trek-themed apartment

Star Trek-themed apartment goes up for sale on Rightmove

Few years ago, we acquainted you to the Star Trek-themed apartment that inspired most people to upgrade their homes with spaceship-like interior. Tony Alleyne, former interior designer from Britain, was the man behind this stunning sci-fi flat that turned heads of many voyagers back then. Sadly, he got jailed in 2013 for downloading thousands of images of child abuse and also lost this majestic apartment to his ex-wife in divorce. Recently, his ex-wife has put up the 34-square meter studio ...

Schaumburg luxury treehouse

Relive your childhood fantasy in Schaumburg luxury treehouse

Schaumburg-based Dan Alexander had childhood fantasy of living in a treehouse. To make this a reality, he constructed 112-square-feet backyard treehouse equipped with all necessary facilities required in a home. Located half-hour drive from downtown Chicago in Schaumburg, the treehouse hangs 15-feet above a waterfall and koi pond in the backyard and rests in middle of lush green surroundings. Due to its mid-air structure, the treehouse receives cool breeze to keep the house at manageable ...

Floating Seahorse homes by Kleindienst Group

Floating Seahorse homes offer glimpse of underwater sea life

Dubai has become famed for its over-the-top living with its luxury architectural designs and other outrageous stuff. But that’s not enough, as the popular city of Arabs has more to offer with the latest Floating Seahorse homes. Developer Kleindienst Group is planning to construct nearly 42 floating homes at five kilometers off Dubai’s shore. These are submerged homes, technically classified as boats that will feature three stories– underwater, sea level and upper deck. The underwater ...

Marvel-themed bachelor by House Design Studio

Marvel-themed bachelor pad for ultimate man child

Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you cannot take your childhood memories with you. The same has been proven by the swanky marvel-themed man cave that boasts some of the client’s favorite superhero accessories. This manspace is called Hong’s House and designed by Taiwanese architects at House Design Studio. Located in Kaohsiung city in Taiwan, the ultimate bachelor pad belongs to a single 30-year-old engineer and designed to please his inner man-child. The 92-square meters home ...

Canada’s most expensive resort home for $22M

Ambient stone chalet could be Canada’s most expensive resort home for $22M

Located in mountainside of Whistler in Canada, the ambient stone chalet becomes the most expensive vacation home in town for whopping $22 million asking price. According to realtor John Ryan, the hefty asking amount makes it the priciest resort home in the country. This beautiful stone house is designed to naturally blend into its surroundings, therefore made entirely from locally sourced stones. The 9,800-square feet luxury home (including eight-bedrooms and seven bathrooms) rests on more ...

5:1 Apartment by MKCA

5:1 Apartment by MKCA is the modern revolution in micro-housing

The 5:1 Apartment by MKCA is well-designed space with exceptional fundamental abilities for living, dining, dressing, and bathing, all fitted in a compact 390 square feet of area. The elements are designed to provide spacious and manageable fitting to the room which can easily fit into New York’s small apartments. The elements include a power-driven sliding storage that can easily slide from one place to another, making day and night an enjoyable time. Movable wall when glides away from the ...

Lily Duval’s 14sqm tiny house

Lily Duval’s 14sqm tiny house wisely utilizes its interior

Think your house don’t have enough space for your keeping all your stuff? This 14-square meter tiny abode will put all big houses to shame. The tiny house is built in Christchurch by Lily Duval from New Zealand to cleverly utilize its internal space. Although the house looks too small, but it is jam-packed with all necessary furnishing and objects needed for comfortable living. Interior is comprised of such stuff that performs double duty to perfectly make use of the available space. For ...

New Zealand couple revamps old flatbed truck into solar-powered home

New Zealand couple turns old flatbed truck into solar-powered home

Living in motor home has been redefined by the New Zealand couple (Hannah and Alex), who turned retired flatbed truck into a functional mobile home. After moving back to New Zealand from the UK in 2009- the couple decided to live in a mobile home, instead of any conventional home. So they decided to purchase a 1986 Hino flatbed truck and started construction on its back, which took almost a year-and-a-half for construction. Their dedication and hardwork resulted in a solar-powered two bedroom ...

Farmer Julie builds off-grid bothy and treehouse

Farmer Julie builds off-grid bothy and treehouse to escape the world

Scottish couple- Julie and George Nicolson has commissioned local designer Sam Booth of ECHO Living to build ecological living space in countryside near Castle Douglas. Keeping sustainability in mind, the designer has created fancy bothy and treehouse in picturesque 190-acres farmland, allowing residents to escape the world. Both structures are eco-friendly, as they are constructed using natural materials such as eco-friendly paint, natural wood and insulated with sheep wool; all to minimize ...

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