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Hawaiian Treehouse

Hawaiian treehouse up for sale at $2.96M

Hawaiian treehouse located in Kailua, Hawaii is a nature-inspired 1,223-square-foot four-story house that has been a personal Eden to aging couple Steve and Irene Au for decades, is now up for sale. According to Irene, the only reason for selling the house is their age; Steve Au has turned 82 and the couple believes it’s time to start a new chapter and with heavy heart they are ready to bid adieu to the house. The house looks like a treehouse, which rests on a steep land located on ...

Property for Sale

The only two things to consider when buying a house

Shopping for a house is not easy. We’ve all done it: get so caught up with the idea of something that we ignore all the flaws. Usually – and unfortunately – this happens with relationships, but the consequences turn out to be longer lasting when this scenario occurs when investing in another long term asset – property. Like a lover, there can be many reasons why one might fall under a prospective home’s spell – marble bathroom floors, a sunken tub, steam ...

Rustic Way Cottages by Dan Pauly

Tiny dramatic cabins coming straight out of a fairytale

Ever wondered what goes in to create an exact fairytale-like cabin? Well, obviously you require a countryside setting along with reclaimed materials to form a tiny cottage. If you dream of living in such house that looks like something coming out of your childhood story book, then Dan Pauly, designer from mythical land of Minnesota and owner of The Rustic Way, can create identical dream home for you. To construct these tiny cottages, Pauly collects recycled wood and other reclaimed materials ...

Henn-na Hotel

Henn-na Hotel: World’s first fully-automated robot-staffed hotel in Japan

Japan has created another technological landmark by opening its door to the world’s first fully automated, robot-staffed  Henn-na Hotel . Located in the middle of Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park, Nagasaki, the hotel features 10 robotic staff, resembling humans. In Henn-na Hotel or ‘Strange Hotel’, guests are welcomed by rolling robots and rest everything from housekeeping to conveying your luggage, the warm and friendly robots do everything. To keep the hotel updated with innovative ...

Prototype 2 Home

YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is designed to maximize available space

YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is the upgraded version of Prototype 1, which was 800-square-feet apartment designed to highlight space-saving features. The new housing design gave idea of creating homes that can be managed without compromising basic living necessities. In prototype 1 home, the dining table can be disappeared from the floor, whereas bed can be descended from the ceiling. Keeping the same innovative idea as the base, YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is updated for ...

1.8M Width House

Narrow 1.8-meter-wide house fits within a compact neighborhood of Tokyo

The expansion of tiny houses in urban cities has become a new trend. Living up to the timy home concept, Japanese firm YUUA Architects, has designed the latest Narrow 1.8-meter-wide house. Located in Tokyo, the entire residential property is just 2.5-meters wide and 11-meters in depth. The narrow-sized property manages to adjust itself according to the space availability, creating a sense of openness while managing the privacy of the dweller. The house is designed for a couple and their two ...

Windmill House

Connecticut converted windmill house is ultimate weekend getaway

The converted windmill house is beautifully built cottage-styled home, which holds the capacity to offer sensation of being up-close with the nature, thus its an ultimate weekend getaway. Located in Essex, Connecticut, the house is built near the Connecticut River at Foxboro Point, one of the extensively renowned features in the area. The converted windmill house was built in 1967, and has been in the market from past 26 days. The 840 square-feet waterfront house consists of three bedrooms ...


Nine breathtaking cliffside houses with thrilling views

Thrill-seekers not only look forward to camping and adventurous activities, but want to kick up their routine life as well. So why not live in a fearsome home, offering breathtaking views and terrifying living experience? We’ve gathered some of the best cliffside villas for nervy individuals, who are looking for peaceful and daring living spaces. From contemporary cantilevered homes to shacks perched on top of mountains, these abodes are certainly not made for acrophobics. # Elevated Pole ...

Semi-mobile House

€1,000 semi-mobile house by Ryan Frank looks like an upside-down boat

Designer Ryan Frank wanted to have a semi-mobile house for highly sensitive natural surroundings, but he never wanted to go for traditional tiny houses like yurts and domes. Inspired by structure design popularly known as ‘Gothic arch,’ the temporary structured house is built with an aim of blending in the surroundings of Spain. In the first look, the tiny house looks like a boat in an upside-down position. A boat builder originally developed the structure of the house and the main ...

BMT Asia Pacific SeaScap

BMT Asia Pacific unveils SeaScape, modular luxury off-grid villas

BMT Asia Pacific has recently unveiled their new project SeaScape, a new concept of luxury living on floating villas. The contemporary modular off-grid floating villas will not only provide luxury of living offshore, but also some precious private moments with loved ones. The design of floating villas features triangular shape with open spaces, clear lines resting on pontoon base. Each villa or module will be independent yet connected together, giving the freedom to manage various other ...

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