Quick Halloween Decorating Guide for the Entire House (Tips & Ideas)

If you’re planning hard for a Halloween party at home, chances are you are searching for spooktacular ways to decorate your abode. The internet is full of fun and spooky decoration ideas to spruce up the front yard, porch, living room, kitchen or other sections of your home.

Finding quick and easy crafts in the gamut of ideas isn’t easy. This is where a Halloween decorating guide on how to do everything quickly and effortlessly comes handy.

We have compiled this guide to help you decide on the least time-consuming ideas since we know time is a big constraint in a busy life. Here are quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas that will help you turn your home into a haunted place in minimum possible time.

Take on the front door and porch first

Your front door and porch set up the first impression on guests, so adding some Halloween vibe to these areas is absolutely vital. One of the simplest ways is pasting some scary Halloween decals to the front door. Setting up a pumpkin patch alongside dried corn stalks at your grand entrance will also do miracles. You can paint pumpkins or make jack-o’-lanterns and place them on the front porch.

You can use Halloween wreaths for decoration. Consider a DIY Halloween wreath to save time and money. We suggest making a creepy doll or twig wreath if you have less time. You can find some really exciting DIY Halloween wreaths here for inspiration.

You can have creepy cobwebs, spiders, ravens, bats, witch-themed decorations etc., to haunt your porch. Get some skeleton props and display them in a humorous theme like the skeleton Halloween decorations here.

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Spook up your living room

Living room is the main space where guests will be spending most of the time. You can quickly spook up the living room with Halloween-themed cushion covers, rugs or by draping the furniture in white bedsheets to make the room look abandoned and haunted.

Pumpkins relate to Halloween, decorating with them adds a seasonal flavor to your living room. You can choose to carve the pumpkins or use jack-o’-lanterns to your liking and theme. Another trick that’s catching up is the use of empty wine bottles. A bottle can be turned into a mummy or a monster for decoration.

Halloween wreaths, some nifty props from the dollar store, spooky photo frames and scary-bleeding candles can add to the eerie. Don’t forget to add a ‘Happy Halloween’ garland for a complete look.

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Invite bad spirits into your bedroom

It is pretty exciting to decorate the bedroom for a horrifying experience. You can start by decorating with Halloween-themed bed sheets, cushions, pillows, and pumpkins of course. Wall decals and photo frames in line with the theme of the dead will spook up the bedroom for the All Hallows Eve.

Put some cute or scary Halloween props on shelves – these could be spiders, webs, ravens etc brought from a local store but they will be more inviting if made at home with available supplies and kids involved in the fun.

Do not forget the lights. The spookiness can be easily intensified with the use of decorative lighting.

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Get your kitchen ready for Halloween

It’s time to bring out that collection of spooky cookware and display it creatively on the shelves and nooks of your kitchen. A dining table decked with themed tableware, candles, flowers, and spooky dishes will be an inviting centerpiece for guests.

Halloween-themed dish towel to wipe plates and gut-wrenching food to send shivers down your guests’ spine will add grim to the ghastly presentation.

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Add ghastly feel to the bathroom

When decorating your home for Halloween, you can’t afford to miss out on your bathroom. It is the area where you can experiment and bring out your creativity. You can work on a witch-themed bathroom or set up a murder scene easily. Those with less time to spare can use Halloween-themed curtains, towels and floor mats to achieve the spookiness.

A bubbly bathtub with colored water can be made possible with bath bombs. There are endless possibilities to use spiders, bugs, bats, and other Halloween props in the bathroom.

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Don’t hesitate to display your creativity outdoors

If you have a garden or patio at home, you can use the areas cleverly to trick your neighbors. You can find a number of outdoor Halloween decorating ideas online, however, the simplest we can suggest is setting up a graveyard or a skeleton display. Just partially bury a skeleton prop in your garden and it is ready to haunt visitors.

Turning plain white sheets into hanging ghosts is also a quick and inexpensive way to set up a hostel of ghosts in the backyard. A witch-themed scene or some crafty take with pallet wood can make an attractive addition too.

The trees and plants in the garden are readymade props you can use in Halloween decorations. Simply putting large eyes to a tree or a shrub can do a fancy trick to scare the kids. A signboard reading danger and fright at the front gate or on the fence is a done deal.

One area that doesn’t need to be neglected is the swimming pool. You can make use of Halloween props, lights and balloons to create a hauntingly cool swimming pool display. Pour red dye in water and have a bloody pool to haunt the outdoors.

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You can do so much with your roof

Adding eerie details to the roof can make the entire house look spookier for Halloween. The best you should try is setting a giant spider with creepy legs dangling from the drip edge to haunt little kids. You can easily craft a giant spider by stuffing a black polyethylene with waste fabric and paper.

Well, if you like monsters, turn your house into a monster house by sticking scary and big monster eyes and teeth set on the roof. You may also like the idea of displaying skeletons trying to enter your house through roof and chimney.

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Halloween-inspired food

Halloween is not constricted to decorating home with spooky props and sprinkling with festive colors, but also extends to serving your guests with spooky dishes that’ll leave them dumbfound. Your food should look grimmer than your guests’ expectations but it should taste good too.

If you back your baking skills, you can bake zombie mouth cupcakes, some deliciously creepy cookies, or a Halloween cake according to the time at hand. Do keep tasty candies handy for the trick-or-treaters. You can look up the candy taste of your state and decide which sweets you should have laid out. It is also a good idea to use fruits for dining table decoration.

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