Quick Halloween decorating tips

Quick Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

All set for the Halloween party in your house? There are literally hundreds of creative and fun Halloween ideas to decorate your yard, porch and the entire house in Halloween theme to make your guests jump around every bend. Sometimes it gets very difficult to get all Halloween preparations in time thanks to the busy schedule, and this is where a quick guide on how to do everything fast and faultlessly comes in handy.

Since it is already too late to plan decoration for the entire house, still you can make your Halloween party a frightful experience for your guests in minimum time. These quick Halloween decorating tips will educate you how to turn your home into a haunted place without denting your finances.

Start from your entry door

Start from your front door to make your dwelling welcoming for evil spirits. There are so many ideas that will help you to make your front door a haunted entry, and one of my favorites is covering the door with a homemade cobweb and creepy spiders. The idea will work best to create the scariest Halloween decoration.

Halooween front door decor tips

Image: Pinterest

You can try adding more spooky charm to your door with a skeleton or skull wreath. If you are looking for some cost-effective ways to adorn your entrance, consider crafting a DIY Halloween wreath using your very own crafting skills and basic decorative elements, which you can easily find in your home or any craft shop in exchange of few bucks. We suggest you hang a DIY raven or zombie wreath for more wicked Halloween celebration.

Real skeleton made wreath

Image: Katu Design

Raven wreath

Image: Pinterest

Creepy doll wreath for Halloween

Image: GlancesBackVintage

You can paint a spooky face on the door using your painting skills. As this event is incomplete without pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, consider setting them around your front door, plus you can add a witch with a broom or magic bowl to welcome ghosts, goblins, and vampires in the party. A door with witchy hands popping out from behind will make your front entry spookier.

Halooween front door decor tips

Image: Twin Dragonfly Design/Black & White Obsession

withch figure for Halloween

Image: Digsdigs

Halloween front Door decor tips

Image: Spaceships And Laserbeams

Your living room should be scary

A living room is the best place to listen to ghost stories while your family and friends toast their toes near the fireplace. To make the environment more ghastly, consider dressing up your living room in Halloween spirit by lighting it up with suspense lighting and candles. During Halloween, markets are always full of scary candles that can spook the hell out your timid friends on the spooky night.

Creepy halloween candles

Image: Neatorama

bleeding hand candles

Image: CreepyCandles

Creepy candles for halloween

Image: Sheknows

As pumpkins justify this event the best, decorating the room with pumpkin-shaded lamps will be a great idea. However, if you don’t want to spend so much on lighting, prefer creating your own DIY Halloween wine bottle lamps or jack-o’-lantern. You can also opt for Halloween glow-in-the-dark wall pictures or scary stickers for a quick makeover.

21st Design’s Pumpkin-shaped lamp for Halloween

Image: 21st Design

Halloween Wine Bottles

Image: Pinterest

Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween

Image: Pinterest

Glow in the dark Halloween decoration

Image: Instructables

If you’re a handy DIY’er, you can even create a Raspberry Pi-powered possessed portrait showcasing a pretty face that turns into a horrifying demon with the blink of an eye on the focus wall to jumpscare your guests to death.

Hanging a scary Halloween wreath is another way to increase the petrifying appeal of your party. Also, don’t forget to add a ‘Happy Halloween’ message to the living room.

Raspberry Pi-powered possessed portrait, possessed portrait, Raspberry Pi, self-changing portrait, digital portrait, haunted portrait, Halloween, DIY jump scare digital portrait,

Image: Hackster

Giant skull armchair by Gregory Besson-1

Image: Besson Gregory Art Design Paris

Other than this, you can also embellish your living room with skull chairs to send some creepy shivers down your guests’ spine. Also, dress your house windows with filthy creepy cloths that turn your living room into a haunted mansion instantly. Consider covering up your couches and center table with a white fabric to make your room more inviting for bad evils.

living-room-halloween decoration-21

Image: Residence Style

Well, Halloween is nothing without your ghost friends, therefore, bring home a skeleton ghost, a wicked witch, goblin, zombie, mummy or vampire. Let your skeleton friends sit on the rolling chair to enjoy the Hallow-eve.

Image: Residence Style

Invite bad spirits to your bedroom

Don’t let your guests sleep in peace! It is exciting to keep the thrill alive in the bedroom as well. You can spook them by adding a petrifying ghost statue in a corner and glow-in-the-dark scary pictures of ghosts, skulls, vampires, and zombies. To scare the hell out of them, light up your bedroom with creepy candles that bleed red when lit up.

Cover your bedroom windows with creepy curtains, and don’t forget to dress your bed with a scary Halloween bedsheet. A spooky ghost wreath and a skull rolling chair with a skeleton sitting on it are great props to spook your coward friends in the middle of the night.

Halloween Window decor

Image: Pinterest

Halloween bedsheet for bedroom

Image: Alicdn

Spook your guests with a ghastly bathroom

Don’t forget to add spooky charm to your bathroom. Have a look at these little bath bombs by Lush, they carry a wicked appeal to make your bathroom ready for dreading guests. A green shimmery soap gel that turns bathtub water bloody red will give your guests a heart attack.

Spooky Bomb bar soap

Image: Lush

shimmery soap gel by lush

Image: Lush

You can also trick your friends by supplying artificial blood from taps. As lighting plays the main role to dread someone, keep the bathroom lighting dim and gloomy with ghost candles.

Freaky Candles for Halloween

Image: Pinterest

Fill your dining table with Halloween-inspired food

Halloween is not just about decorating your home with spooky props but about food as well that you serve on your dining table. Add a spice to your Halloween decoration with creepy food and drinks. The food you are preparing for the Hallow-eve should have a taste and appeal of Halloween.

You can bake tiny ghost cupcakes or candies to keep your Halloween decoration up and little kids content. If you think you don’t have enough time to cook, you can simply buy some from the market.

Fang-tastic Halloween food ideas for the festival of dead

Image: The Photographers Wife

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Pinterest

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Pinterest

quick Halloween decorating ideas

Image: Pinterest

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Oreo

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Pinterest

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Pinterest

Halloween cake ideas

Image: Pinterest

Don’t forget your garden

You can find hundreds of outdoor Halloween decorating ideas to turn your garden into a haunted place. The best you can do with your garden to turn it into a graveyard is hanging some dancing ghosts with a bunch of white sheets. It is a quick and inexpensive way to turn your garden into a hostel of ghosts and bad spirits.

You will also like the idea of adding a cruel witch with a black pot, a black cat, and a broom as an extra bonus. You can also display a skeleton family posing in different scenes. The idea will make your Halloween one of the most happening events of the year.

Halloween backyard decor

Image: Digsdigs

Image: Digsdigs

quick Halloween decorating ideas

Image: Digsdigs

Halloween graveyard

Image: Pinterest

You can do so much with your roof

You can do so much with your roof to make the entire house look spookier for Halloween. The best you should try is setting a giant spider with creepy legs dangling from the drip edge to haunt little kids. You can easily craft a giant spider by stuffing a black polyethylene with waste fabric and paper.

Well, if you like monsters, turn your house into a monster house by sticking scary and big monster eyes and teeth set on the roof. You may also like the idea of displaying skeletons trying to enter your house through roof and chimney.

Spider on a roof for Halloween

Image: Party City

quick Halloween decorating ideas

Image: Instagram/Christine McConnell

Skeleton Halloween roof decoration

Image: SuzNews Halloween Decoration

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