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Mina’s recycled high-end faucets you will love

Italian company, Mina has designed new collection of faucets dubbed as REvitrum. These taps are made of recycled printed glass and stainless steel. The company is doing family business in bathroom fittings, since early 50s and providing best craftsmanship efficiency ...
Parse error's life clock

A clock that tells when you’ll die!

We have featured many antique, awesome, and stylish clocks earlier, but the Life Clock is something different. This clock is made by the French artist, Fabien Bouchard who is a self-taught artist, and according to him, his work is born ...
Okawa Line of Miniature Cat Furniture_4

Mini Cat Furniture for Your Pampered Feline

To demonstrate the high-quality craftsmanship of Okawa city residents, Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture has launched a unique campaign that’s centered around cat furniture. Fukuoka is the hub of several professional craftsmen specializing in traditional crafts such as woodworking. This time around new ...