Unique washbasin designs

Wash up in style with these beautiful washbasins

From antique to modern styles, the washbasin perfectly reflects your bathroom’s arty touch. Today, most homes have moved on from the common white sinks to colorful glass vessel basins. The handy farmhouse units and modern self-supporting sinks are all the new rage.

As we all know bathrooms are an important part of any home and to give a special touch to bathroom décor, you have to be a little creative about its fixtures. There are many styles in sinks, freestanding to wall-mounted to bowl styles, these striking designs will make a statement in any bathroom. Here are some awesome examples of beautiful washbasin designs that will lend a chic look to your bathroom.

# A simple yet complex washbasin by Aqua Vita

# This unusual and unique Metamorfosi washbasin is made by Olympia Ceramica of Italy.

# Made by Sasso, the design of Ammonit is inspired by nature.

# Fancy wooden wash-bowl by Slowwood says goodbye to ceramic.

# Cube glass sink looks invisible while it hangs on a wall. It is designed by Bulgarian designer and architect Victor Vasiliev.

# Want to make your bathroom look stylish? The Motif basin by Omvivo with a delicate pattern is for you.

# A cup or basin? This playful sink is made by Artceram.

# How about a washbasin with an integrated storage compartment? Split by Planit has it all.

Bathroom-Sink-With-Integrated-by planit_1

# Penta vessel sink represents a geological story of history. It is a combination of clear and solid materials.

# Foglio washbasin is designed by Ricardo Antonio. Made out of Corian, this unique shape adds a cool touch to modern bathrooms. 

# This water map wooden sink is designed by Julia Kononenko. The specialty of the sink design is its laminated wood block features 3D representation of the central London streets.

# Silence by Antonio Lupi is a brilliant piece of art.

# Falper’s Wing is a designer sink with gentle and smooth curves.

# This wall-mounted washbasin is designed by Daniel Lago.

Nami washbasin by Keroo is reminiscent of drapery.

# Birichino washbasin by the Italian design studio Purapietra takes cue from sea waves striking against the nearby reef of rocks.

# If you want to add some flair to your bathroom, this spiral washbasin by the Iranian designer duo, Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri, is for you.

Vortex washbasin by Deniz Karasahin is an award winning sink design.

# This blue Sodalite Nabhi lends a mysterious elegance to any bathroom. The sink is designed by Enzo Berti.


# This beautiful piece of art is designed by Kohler. The shape of the sink is inspired by single petal.

# This chic hollow sink with built-in storage is designed for Laufen. It creates the impression of a dented fuel tank.

Hollow-Sink chic collection_2

# Battigia sink is designed by Michel Boucquillon for Italian design house Antonio Lupi. The Corian sink retracts into the wall to stay completely out of sight when not in use.

# Designed by four Japanese designers, Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin, and Peishan, the Lifting sink sizes to three different capacities.

# Stratotanker sink by MotoArt is made from the landing gear door of KC-97 aircraft.

Igiemme 2.0 sink is crafted from the Nero Marquina marble. This wonderful version is made by design studio Purapietra.

# This custom concrete guitar sink is made by Pearidge Concrete. Isn’t it a wonderful piece of art?

# Enter Ocean by Il Bango Bandini – a washbasin inspired by the waves of the ocean. The sink comes in two color options, black and shiny white.

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  1. Lycos ceramic

    January 5, 2021 at 4:20 am

    AMAZING…!!! I never thought such luxurious designer basins are available in the market.


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